Jay Leno, the long-time host of the Tonight Show praised the second episode of The Nightly Show that discussed the different rape and molestation charges against Bill Cosby. At the same time, he stated that the new host, Larry Wilmore, brings an entirely different perspective to late night television.

Many people were actually surprised that it took Jay Leno so long to address the Cosby scandal. However, while doing an interview at NATPE 64-year-old Leno did speak out against his fellow NBC alum saying that he does not understand why it is so difficult to believe the women who have come forward. In Saudi Arabia, only two women have to make a statement while in the United States, it takes 25 women.

It was after Leno was asked about his opinion of Wilmore doing the new show that he finally spoke about Cosby. After all, the various allegations were covered on the Nightly Show so it made sense that any comments from Leno would come while talking about the new show.

Leno also commented that he thought Wilmore’s The Nightly show was excellent and it brought a different perspective that has been missing from late night television. During the first episode of the show, Wilmore advised viewers that the Cosby situation was going to be the only thing addressed. He added that in answer to the question whether Cosby did what he has been accused of, the answer is yes.

Wilmore than asked if most people were baffled by the allegations, followed by a statement that he did not understand why these women were not being listened to. He asked viewers if it was because the crimes happened so long ago, perhaps the fact that some of the women willingly went to his hotel room, that Cosby is extremely popular, or because the victims are female.

Since the first allegation of a woman being sexually assaulted by Cosby, 35 women in all have now come forward with similar claims. Wilmore put that number into perspective by saying that equates to every United States President from George Washington to John F. Kennedy being drugged and raped.

The issue of Cosby going on tour was also a topic on Wilmore’s show with him saying for him to continue performing his act, whether guilty or not, was in poor taste. During the show Wilmore did take a moment to consider that the allegations against Cosby were false but after a few seconds, he replied, “Okay, we’re done.