The Kilauea volcano is one of the most active volcanoes on the island of Hawaii and is constantly erupting. Tourists and locals are thrilled about the recent “smile” crack that appeared in the ancient land. Also, the lava dripping into the sea gives a magnificent view for people watching from the seaside. 

The hot center of the erupting volcano has cracked in a funny way, forming a smiley face and giving everyone in the island something to talks about. Social media is currently filled with smiley lava from Kilauea. The volcano is considered an active shield volcano and it is the most active out of the five volcanoes on the island. Locals assure the volcano has been erupting since 1983 and impressing island goers ever since.

Interestingly enough, the Kilauea volcano has shown a lighter side than most volcanoes given the smiley face made by hot lava appearing at the top. Image Credit: Daily Mail
Interestingly enough, the Kilauea volcano has shown a lighter side than most volcanoes given the smiley face made by hot lava appearing on cracks at the top. Image Credit: Daily Mail

Kilauea is located on the southern shore of Hawaii and experts have estimated it might be at least 300,000 years old, although, some may discuss is older. The recent ‘smiley crack’  in the volcano is giving everyone something to talk about, as tourists and helicopter owners swing by the active volcano to see Kilauea’s smirk.

A natural phenomenon for Kilauea

Kilauea’s hot smiley face is just one of the attractive facts about the volcano, in fact, locals and island goers were recently fascinated with the volcanoes lava reaching the sea for the first time in years.

Recent videos and photos show how the lava from the Kilauea volcano has reached the ocean for the first time since 2013, melting through the island and dripping hot fireballs into the sea.Locals have treated the happening like an attraction for several years, making the merge between seawater and fire, a tourist “must-see”.

Despite being an incredible attraction to watch, scientists have determined several consequences on the happening. For example, it could cause a collapse of the land and of the cliffs on the beach. The happening could also cause the ocean’s waves to transform into a bowl of steaming hot water or cause an explosion on the land because of the merging.

Subjects nearby the phenomenon could experience breathing difficulties since the merge between water and fire could create a steam plume with hydrochloric acid. Yet the volcano has no nearby communities so the volcano doesn’t pose a threat.  Citizens carefully watch and monitor the active volcano since it began to erupt, in order to maintain the island peace and to protect locals.

Nonetheless, the contact between this to opponent forces could also lead to the creation or of the extension of the Hawaiian island. Citizens and people in the island have become mesmerized about the happening.

Source: ABC News