Khloé Kardashian presented the divorce documents alleging irreconcilable differences. This time is the second timeKhloé begins the separation process with Lamar Odom, but according to close sources, “this time is for good”.

The star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (KUWK) married Lamar Odom, a retired professional NBA player, in 2009. It was a good year for Mr. Lamar, he and his team, Los Angeles Lakers, won the championship, and he also met a beautiful woman. Klhoé and Lamar dated only for a month before tying the knot which took a lot of people by surprise. According to close friends, everything happened too fast.

Even though one of the famous Kardashians has not officially divorced her husband Lamar Odom, the papers are rumored to be in the works.
Even though one of the famous Kardashians has not officially divorced her husband Lamar Odom, the papers are rumored to be in the works. Image Credit: US Magazine

On paper, everything was perfect, yet something didn’t seem quite right.  Even though Khloé and Lamar appeared to be an average couple, a lot happened backstage as well. And Lamar’s team won the championship again in 2010, but it was apparently not enough. Also, he was named the NBA Sixth man of the year in 2011 which is a high honor, but this kind of things can get into a guy’s head. He was reported to have problems with substance abuse, something the couple was struggling with, and in 2013 things got worse. In addition to the drug problem, Mr. Odom cheated on Kardashian, and that was it for her.

Till death do us part

That same year, Khloé started the divorcing process, but some sources close to the Kardashians said they were trying to fix things.

In October 2015, Odom was taken to the hospital. Doctors interned him because he was suffering an overdose which almost killed him. Many people think that this is the real reason Kardashian decided to pause the divorce process.

While he was in the hospital, Khloé paid for the medical bills and gave Lamar genuine moral support. His recovery lasted months, and she was there day and night helping her husband, and when he finally was released from the hospital, she took him to her compound, so they could still be together. A lot of people took this as a sign the couple was back together and in fact, in one of the last episodes of KUWK, the pair was shown talking about getting back together. In spite of all this, Khloé Kardashian filed for divorce on Thursday 26, 2016.

“She’s honestly fine and it’s more of a formality at this point,” said a source. “She’s there for him and they’re in regular contact and she wishes him well. She’ll always be there for him. But as far as their marriage is concerned, that’s over and has been for quite some time. It was time to make it official.”

These kind of situations are not weird in Hollywood, and some people are not buying the story. The current situation could be credited in part to the Kardashians controversial lifestyle. The divorce is, of course, ongoing, and anything could happen. But as things are now, Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom are no more.

Source: People