The 65-year-old guitar player is now stable, after suffering a minor scare on the shared stage with The Hollywood Vampires. Perry looked ill during the performance and collapsed seconds after leaving the stage.

Aerosmith’s lead guitar player, Joe Perry, was performing along with The Hollywood Vampires on Sunday where he collapsed and had to be taken in an ambulance to the nearest hospital to be treated.

Joe Perry
Joe Perry (right) is seen sitting near the drumset while fellow band mate member Johnny Depp (left) plays the guitar. Credit:

Band members and representatives of the artists have confirmed that Perry is currently stable and being treated after the happening on the Coney Island Boardwalk.

Perry who was sharing a Brooklyn stage with singer Alice Cooper and actor Johnny Depp appeared ill to the concert-goers during the first song. Somewhere in the second song, the guitarist had to sit down near the drumset.

Fans and concert attendees, recorded a sick Joe Perry sitting down near the drumset still playing his guitar before making his way off the stage. Minutes after the guitarist left the performance, backstage personnel was seen carrying Perry.

“He had to sit down on the drum kit and then went behind a small wall and passed out. FDNY and NYPD carried him quickly,” said username leeniepics in her Instagram account, as reported by the New York Times.

Fans and band’s reaction

After the legendary guitarist left the stage, fans were wondering what was going on. A twenty-year-old concert-goer was waiting for a backstage pass when she saw a collapsed Perry.  The NY Times reports that Chyanne Leeland, first thought it was Depp but she later confirmed it was Joe Perry.

An ambulance arrived at the location around 9:40 p.m and Joe was taken to Coney Island Hospital to be treated. The concert went on, not before Cooper and Depp announcing one of his “brothers” was not feeling well.

Hours later a message was posted on Perry’s Twitter account, announcing he was stable for the moment and being treated by the best. Later on the night, The Hollywood’s Vampires Twitter account released the same news.

Fans and fellow Hollywood personalities have wished the 65-year-old a good recovery.

The Hollywood Vampires is a supergroup formed by Cooper, Depp and Perry to honour 1970’s hard rock.

Source: NY Times