John Goodman was honored this Friday with a star on L.A.’s notorious Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Jeff Bridges brought down the house with a speech praising his friend and co-star. Bridges wore the famous sweater from The Big Lebowski and delivered an amusing rendition of the eulogy that Walter gives before scattering Donny’s ashes in the 1998 movie.

Goodman co-stared the famous Coen brothers’ cult movie with Bridges, where he portrayed Walter Sobchak, a bad-tempered war veteran that plays bowling with Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski (Bridges) an easygoing –and White Russian lover- guy that gets stuck into a crazy experience after he’s confused by a millionaire Lebowski and gets his rug ruined. The movie was praised by the critic, and it’s been considered a cult movie ever since, with “The Dude” being one of the most quoted and revered characters of all times.

Actor John Goodman
Actor John Goodman. Image credit: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images.

“He’s a man of our times and he has become a legend. In your wisdom, Lord, you have lived through John” said Bridges. “You have lived for acting that you have loved so well. And so Walter Sobchak –John Goodman – in accordance with what we think may be your final wishes, we have committed to this sidewalks in Hollywood –in the bosom of Hollywood that you love so well- a star. A star for you, a star because we love you so well… what time is it? Afternoon? Good afternoon sweet prince” he closed his speech, while Goodman roared with laughter in the background.

Goodman is a renowned actor and has starred in over 140 film & TV productions. He won a Golden Globe in 1993 for his role in television series Roseanne, and has been part of acclaimed movies like Argo, Monsters Inc., and O brother, where art thou?

2603th Walk of Fame star

Goodman received his Hollywood Walk of Fame star on the same day that his latest movie Kong: Skull Island was released, and he was accompanied by co-stars Tom Hiddlestone and Brie Larson. The actor received the 2603th star from the Walk of Fame. In his speech, he paid tribute to women, especially his mother whom he tells had to manage to raise two kids on her own. He also thanked Roseanne Barr, his co-star in Roseanne, the TV show that catapulted his acting career.

Undoubtedly, his portrayal of Walter Sobchak in The Big Lebowski is one of the most memorable and beloved characters he ever played. In a 2012 interview with Rolling Stones, Goodman said that people always came up to him to say they appreciated the movie, but he started noticing in recent years that the people coming up to him were younger, which scared him, believing it would suffer some kind of odd fate like being a cult film and then being forgotten again. However, he’s really glad that people appreciate it, and he wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to the movie ever.

John Goodman
Brie Larson and Jeff Bridges alongside John Goodman. Image credit: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP.

Source: Chicago Tribune