Columbia – Republican presidential candidate, Jeb Bush, stood up in the “Defend and Reform” town hall held by the Concerned Veterans for America non-partisan at Seawell’s in Columbia Monday night.

The former Florida Governor met with these veterans on Monday in a closed-door event in Charleston and then went to Columbia for a town hall in the evening. There, he said in a press release, “As President, I’m committed to a safe America through a strong military, and having a strong military includes having policies that will keep our country’s commitment to our veterans after active service”.

Photo: NBC News
Jeb Bush talked about his plan to overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs and improve health care for veterans during a campaign swing through South Carolina on Monday. Photo: NBC News

He also gave the importance the state of South Carolina deserves as it is immersed in military history, runs several active military bases, and houses a large population of retired veterans.

“South Carolina, given its military presence here and the number of veterans that are from South Carolina and who have moved in. This is fast-growing state; it has one of the highest percentages of veterans. It makes a lot of sense,” said Bush to the reporters.

Among the key areas Bush focused his speech on, he outlined the need of empowering veterans by giving them the chance to choose their own doctors if options are limited in the V.A. system; he took into account female veterans too for they require other health needs, like gynecologists and oncologists to treat breast cancer; and he recognized the need for V.A. doctors to fill prescriptions from outside doctors.

The republican presidential candidate also announced his plans for veterans in Charleston. He said he plans to reform Department of Veterans Affairs in order to improve veterans’ care. Bush stated that the V.A.’s problem is not related to a resource issue for they have manpower and money.

When asked about how he plans to make U.S. military great again, Bush said money must be spent strategically. “End this mindless sequester idea and prioritize our spending toward the number one priority, which is to keep us safe,” he says. “That’s the job that we ask Washington to do”.

With this speech, Jeb Bush might be gaining a lot of votes. South Carolina GOP chairman Matt Moore said many voters in South Carolina have a close tie with at least one veteran.

“Almost every other South Carolina voter has ties to the military, either through their work or through a veteran in their family. It’s hard to understate how important the military community is in South Carolina,” he said.

Source: Jeb Bush Site