Founder and CEO Jana Seaman says that entrepreneurship is the process of starting and running a business. It is a critical driver of economic growth and development, and it has a number of other positive impacts on society.

Jana Seaman Gives Insight Into the Positive Impact of Entrepreneurship

Job creation

One of the most important benefits of entrepreneurship is job creation. New businesses create new jobs, and they also help to grow existing businesses. In fact, small businesses are responsible for creating two-thirds of all new jobs in the United States.


Entrepreneurs are constantly innovating and developing new products and services that meet the needs of consumers and businesses. This innovation drives economic growth and improves the quality of our lives. For example, entrepreneurs have developed new technologies that have made our lives easier and more efficient, such as the smartphone and the internet.


Entrepreneurs create competition in the marketplace, which forces businesses to be more efficient and innovative. This competition leads to lower prices and better products and services for consumers.

Economic growth

Jana Seaman notes that entrepreneurs play a critical role in economic growth. New businesses create new markets and expand the economy. They also generate tax revenue, which helps to fund government programs and services.

Social and cultural change

Entrepreneurs can also have a positive impact on social and cultural change. For example, social entrepreneurs develop businesses that address social and environmental problems. Other entrepreneurs develop products and services that promote diversity and inclusion.

Wealth creation

Entrepreneurship can also lead to wealth creation. Successful entrepreneurs can create wealth for themselves and their investors. This wealth can then be used to invest in other businesses and create even more jobs and economic growth.

Education and skills development

Entrepreneurial ventures can also support education and skills development. For example, entrepreneurs can provide internships and apprenticeships to students and recent graduates. They can also offer training and development opportunities to their employees.

Community development

Entrepreneurs can also play a role in community development. For example, they can support local charities and nonprofits. They can also create jobs and opportunities for people in their communities.

Jana Seaman explains that, overall, entrepreneurship has a number of positive impacts on society. It creates jobs, drives innovation, promotes competition, and contributes to economic growth. Entrepreneurs can also have a positive impact on social and cultural change, wealth creation, education and skills development, and community development.