Apple released its IPad Pro on November 11, 2015. Different kinds of users have been testing the tablet and most of them feel comfortable with the changes.

The first thing that catches the eye is its size, the IPad Pro is big. The screen is 12.9 inches and this bad boy is not only big. The device has a 5.6 million pixels resolution which means you can edit 4k videos, pictures full of detail and create presentations. In addition, watching movies in this device should be very satisfying since the sound system is 3 times better than the IPad Air.

A bigger screen means more space to work on and designers have the tools to create masterpieces with the IPad Pro.

Apple released its IPad Pro on November 11, 2015. Photo credit: CB Web
Apple released its IPad Pro on November 11, 2015. Photo credit: CB Web

The tablet comes with the Apple pencil which has proven to be very good. Is not the best pencil in the market, but if you need to work on image editing and you intent to do so in an IPad Pro, you should get the pencil.

IOS has some of the best developers in the market working to make the best design apps. Adobe Photoshop Sketch is only available for IOS and the app was designed to work at full capacity when used in an IPad Pro with the Apple Pencil.

The screen size also allows for a full keyboard to be displayed. Surfing through the menu is more comfortable and even though is bigger, it has barely affected its weight. The device only weighs 1.57 lbs.

Good looks and a powerful processor. The company equipped their new toy with a new A9X processor chip. With a 64-bit desktop-class architecture, this third generation chip is almost twice as powerful as the one in the IPad Air 2.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said that people would start using their Hybrid tablet instead of a PC and eventually people would only need their mobile devices. However, the scenario is currently unlikely. In spite of the rise of tablet users, people still rely on desktop computers to access more powerful apps.

“We’re on PCs for the day-to-day work,” said Larry Anderson, chief engineer of Teecom, an architectural engineering firm that invested in an iPad Pro soon after its launch that he used to present drawings and carry blueprints of construction sites. “But when I go to a meeting, I don’t grab my laptop – I grab my iPad.”

In a related topic, the company announced a smaller IPad Pro, but no further detailed was given.

Source: Apple