The rivalry between Android and iOS, the two most popular mobile platforms, is starting to take a toll on web publishers since their income depends on both apps and web displays. Apple and Google are battling for the newest developments of web publishers and to keep up a higher rank on the market. On one hand, Google constantly works on developing its web service and, on the other, Apple dedicates its efforts into mobile apps which are negatively influencing web publishers.

One thing both companies can agree on is that people have stopped using desktop computers and laptops as often as they used to. Credit:

D.L Byron, publisher of Bike Hugger said, “We’re spending more time thinking about what Google and Apple are going to do than when we were just doing desktop publishing. They can change on a dime and pull the rug out from under you, like when Google cut off news feeds and Apple decided to allow ad blocking.”

One thing both companies can agree on is that people have stopped using desktop computers and laptops as often as they used to. Now, mobile devices have taken a new position in the technological world and have also been competing in the “Google and Apple market.” People are using more frequently writing apps to edit documents on-the-go since cloud storages allow them to get access to documents anytime, anywhere.

The following applications are some of the most popular writing apps offered by both of these companies.

Google Docs (Android & IOS)

The platform is considered to be very dynamic and it is compatible with iOS, Android, Linux and other operating systems. One of the main features of this app is that documents can be created and edited on smart devices as well as on computers. Another feature that comes integrated with this app is Google Keep, which allows users to create reminders from notes previously created.

iA Writer (Android & IOS)

As its name suggests, this application has some features only compatible with iOS but it’s still considered one of the best applications available, being rated 4.4 out of 5 on Play Store. This application is also compatible with Google Drive and Dropbox.

Microsoft Word (Android & IOS)

This may be the most common document editor on computers, so users may already feel some type of comfort. The same formatting options like text boxes, colors, and typefaces are all integrated to an easy sharing feature. One drive, drop box and google drive are all compatible with this app.

Jotter Pad (Android & iOS)

Maintaining mobility is one of the key features of this app and has the unique feature of having its own built-in dictionary and keyboard. One of the downfalls of this application is that, due to constant improvements, bugs appear often.

Editorial (IOS)

This app is exclusively available to iOS users. This easy Drop Box synced app, comes with an integration of HTML preview, Workflows and Scripts. The in-app browsing option is one unique feature of the application since it allows users to investigate a topic on the web without leaving the app.

Monospace Writer (Beta Version) (Android)

Due to its simple layout, users describe this app very easy to use, and it still offers features to edit texts. This app is free for Android users and rated 4.4 out of 5 on Google Play.

Other applications are offered in the app market that provide great solutions for students and working professionals.

Source: Technews Today