Instagram announced in a blog post that it has changed the design of its Explore tab, so you can now see an option of Videos You Might Like that you can select to see trending videos instead of photos.

The new feature is only available if you update your Instagram to the latest version or if you download it as a whole from your mobile’ app store. When you select the Videos You May Like option, you can scroll along clips just like you would do with photos. There is also an option that allows you to either report the video or say that you do not like it, so related content will cease to appear on your personalized feed.

Instagram has included videos users might like in its Explore tab. Credit: Brunch News

Instagram leads you to your interests

Instagram’s Explore tab works by scanning the posts you like and selecting pictures from people and accounts you may not know. Now this function is available for video-only accounts, as Instagram has also implemented a new algorithm to sort the feed of each user. This new algorithm made it so Instagram frequent posters asked their followers to turn on personalized notifications, as now it is easier than ever to promote your own posts by paying for advertisement, which in turn makes it so other user’s posts cease to appear in your feed.

Now, besides giving video-based accounts a boost, the record time on each video has been increased to 60 seconds, which is a major difference that sets Instagram apart from Vine, one of its rivals.

The Explore tab has undergone several changes lately. At its beginning it showed only what was popular, then it went on to curate the photos that appeared according to your interests. Instagram then issued the “trends and places” algorithms, which show the posts that are trending in your current location.

As of now, the new video functions on Instagram are available only in the U.S., but Instagram expects to roll out the update on a global scale in a few days.

Both Instagram and its parent company Facebook have implemented an ambitious approach towards video. Now networking experts say that sharing video through Facebook may be even better than sending a Youtube link.

Watching videos on mobile devices has become more frequent as social media apps incorporate these new features into their software. Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram are the leaders in mobile video content, and we can expect further development and new features in each of these networks as each company aims to form their own niche in social media content.

Source: PCMag