San Francisco – Instagram announced Monday that users will finally be able to see support for multiple accounts on iOS and Android versions of the app. The long-awaited feature was part of the 7.15 update for both operative systems but it will start to appear this week, meaning that it will take a couple of days for all users to see it.

Users will have access to the functionality from their account settings in their profiles. Once they’ve added one or more accounts, they’ll have to tap on the username at the top of the profile in order to switch between them. The news are particularly great for community managers, who will no longer need to turn to third-party clients to use their accounts at the same time without signing out.

Starting this week, you can quickly and easily switch between multiple accounts on Instagram!. Credit: Instagram Blog

The updated Instagram app also makes it easier to see which account users are posting from by showing the profile picture of the one they’re currently managing throughout the app. They’ll just have to look at the profile photo to make sure they’re using the right account at that moment.

Instagram has for a long time accepted third-party developers on its platform, but there will be a drastic change in its developer policy, according to a recent announcement by the Facebook-owned company. By June 2016, most of the third-party feed-viewing apps will lose access to Instagram’s API.

Source: Mashable