Rebuild your self-esteem

How to move on from a harsh breakup
Yuvraj Singh

You may be feeling pretty down on yourself. Instead, reverse that thought pattern. Think about what you brought to the relationship rather than what qualities you lack. Consider asking your closest friends and family for their take on all the reasons they feel blessed to have you in their lives if you are having trouble coming up with ideas. It’s easy to blame yourself for the problem of the relationship, but it always takes two for a relationship to work, and for a relationship to end.

Try new places and new experiences

Once a week try to go to a different and new place that you didn’t use to go to with your ex-partner. This makes it easier for you to get out of your regular routine and away from the places you go to with your ex-partner. You might even want to go on a solo trip, or go to a spa to relax and really take care of yourself. This can be for a massage or maybe even some cosmetic medicine, at places like Skinly Aesthetics.

Try not to get involved in a rebound situation

While it may sound like a good distraction, many people tend to express regret after a rebound, because their investment was superficial while others put their lives at risk. If you make impulsive decisions, such as jumping into a new relationship headfirst, it means you’re trying to avoid facing the painful emotions that come with losing someone you love. It is important to accept the hurt. Being a responsible person involves dealing with it. You need to be willing to face the pain. It can be compared to drug addiction, in which people numb their pain with substance abuse. Also, keep in mind that you are not doing your rebound partner a favor and may end up hurting them as well.

Be realistic – it’s okay to have memories of your ex

You are likely to overlook the bad times when your mind eventually wanders and you reminisce about the good times you both had. The petty fights, lifestyle differences, and pointless arguments that come with every relationship. Whenever your partner didn’t arrive on time for the flight, you would start every trip anxious. You should be intentional about introducing the negative aspects since your mind only reinforces the positives. Keep the picture real. By remembering how the whole relationship was, you can move forward in a new direction that doesn’t pose the same risks.

Breakups can be viewed as physical injuries

If you are not performing at 100%, no problem. Be kind to yourself when you experience an emotional injury. It’s okay to have bad days, skip the gym, and hang around the house for a few days crying. Why this may sound miserable, we all need to heal, and sometimes letting go in this way will help you do just that.

Remember the things that actually make you happy, that doesn’t involve your ex, and do them.

It’s natural to shift away from various activities while we’re dating, and it can be empowering to return to them. Start spending more time with your friends again and do the things that you gave up while you were with your ex-partner.

You need to be sure to give yourself the support and love you need

If you are embarrassed or anxious, don’t let it stop you from doing that. When people are going through breakups, many of them are worried about burdening their networks and friends or annoying them.

Your friends may not be surprised to know about the breakup, especially if you kept up with them during the relationship at a normal level. You can count on them to help you in a way that only those who have a real understanding of you can. This is what friends and family are there for, you are not alone.

If you really need to, you can apologize

Sometimes when you are in a relationship, you lose touch with your circle and focus only on your relationship, while neglecting others. It’s okay to reach out to friends and say, “I got really caught up in having someone special and now realize it wasn’t cool of me to disappear on you like that”.

Don’t compare yourself to everyone else

On Instagram, do you compare how you look with people you follow? This is unlikely to boost your self-confidence, which you may be lacking after a breakup. There is even a chance that it may have the opposite effect.

Specifically, researchers found that people experience envy when they compare themselves to others. The more they were envious of others, the worse they felt about themselves.

Whenever you feel jealous of someone’s life, you need to remind yourself of your own accomplishments and strengths. To remember where you are blessed in life, keep a gratitude journal. Being aware of your own life versus others’ can help you concentrate.

Take Care of Your Body

Self-care ensures that you’re taking good care of your mind, body, and spirit, which will make you naturally feel more confident. Having nutrient-dense foods in your diet results in feeling healthier, stronger, and more energetic, which can help you feel more positive about yourself. Physical exercise also boosts confidence, as studies consistently show. It allows you to recognize and accept who you are. The practice of meditation also teaches you to stop negative self-talk and disconnect from unhelpful mental chatter that affects your confidence. You can even hit up your local MiracleFace Medical Spa, where you can get medical experts to touch up any areas that you may want to enhance cosmetically.

Stay in touch with your inner self

Regular self-checks are important. When you check in with yourself, you are able to evaluate your progress towards recovery.

In your journal, you should feel free to let your guard down. You should be totally honest. By doing this, you will be able to discover what you really feel and vent your stress without fearing repercussions.

To connect with yourself, you can become an advocate. Storytelling has been explored extensively as a form of therapy in recent years. A crucial step in recovery is sharing your own experiences in writing or by speaking. Reading the thoughts and experiences of others can provide inspiration and support to you, but you can also help lift another by sharing your experiences.