There is simply no getting around the fact there is a lot of emphases put on teeth these days. You turn on the TV and you will not see an actor or model without a pearly white smile. Sure, these smiles look great and might make the individual feel great as well, but it is more about health. Bad teeth can have major negative health effects on one’s body. Bad teeth could not only potentially lead to major infections, but it could lead to eating disorders, given the right situations. All that aside, there is one new dental product on the market that is getting a lot of attention as of late. Just in case you haven’t heard, it is Invisalign. What is this product? Is it right for you and how can it help? That is precisely what you are going to discover.

How To Know If Invisalign Is Right For You

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign is nothing more than an aligner tray or a new style of braces. In fact, it works similar to traditional metal braces, given the fact that it just simply and gently shifts the teeth over stages in order to help achieve correct alignment. When it comes to the question of how to know if Invisalign is right for you, much of this answer really comes down to your dental provider. Sure, there are other factors that can help determine the solution, but it really depends on your provider and the specific plans that they are offering you. You have to remember that every individual and their teeth are unique, therefore your needs and requirements will be different as well. Just because Invisalign works for your brother or sister, it doesn’t mean that it will be perfect for you. Heck, you might not even be a proper candidate for this new procedure.

The Major Advantages Of Invisalign

When it is determined that you are a suitable candidate for Invisalign, you will then have to weigh the Invisalign Singapore cost. While some insurance plans will cover this procedure, some might only partially cover it. Some might not even cover it at all. It is also even entirely possible that you might require corrective surgery before you can even get Invisalign. Whatever the situation is, a lot must be weight before you decide if this product is right for you. The first things that most people are going to look at are the advantages. How can one benefit from Invisalign? That’ exactly what we’ll take a look at below.

Nothing Is Fixed To The Teeth

Without a doubt, the biggest advantage of Invisalign is that nothing is affixed to the teeth. With traditional braces, these devices are affixed to the teeth and cannot be removed throughout the day. When they become uncomfortable, there is nothing you can do. When they need to be adjusted, you have to revisit the dentist and have him or her make the necessary adjustments. Luckily, this is not the case with Invisalign products. Invisalign does not use any metal or fixed material. The aligners are made strictly from clear plastic and are removable. You’ll only have to wear them for 22 hours a day and you can even remove them while you eat or sleep.

They Are Virtually Invisible

Given the name, you’ve probably already made the assumption that this product is nearly invisible. And, they are. Unlike metal braces, these products are only made of clear plastic and when affixed to the teeth it is near impossible to tell that they are in place. Within just a few days of wearing the product, you’ll become so used to it that you don’t even know its there anymore. If you didn’t have to take it out when you ate and slept, you’d probably even forget that it was in place. Even your closest relatives won’t be able to spot Invisalign products, so you won’t have to worry about clear strangers gawking at your teeth throughout the day.

Backed With A High Satisfaction Rate

Any dentist will tell you that it is hard to please everyone, but when it comes to Invisalign, it seems like 90 percent of clients are pleased. No one wants to be told that they have to undergo dental work or dental procedures, but when Invisalign turns out to be a viable option, it makes the situation all that more bearable.