In IT, it is hard to stay on the top without careful skill and expertise. Too many changes come and go in the regulatory domain, leaving unprepared managers in the dust. Digant Patel has avoided these problems by constantly staying ahead of the field and performing above and beyond expectations. His success supporting regulatory requirements for AMER and EMEA regulations and other financial projects has helped create a big name in the field that is still trusted by many throughout the equities domain.

How IT Professional, Digant Patel Has Helped Clients Over the Years

Digant Patel: How they integrate regulatory projects successfully

Digant Patel has many years of experience as a subject matter expert supporting the regulatory requirements for FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) & ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) regulations. His deep regulatory reporting expertise and extensive knowledge of front-office trading, middle-office, reference data, and settlement across all asset classes allow him to help and guide firms seamlessly transition to new reporting obligations.

Patel built modern cloud architectures in the Data Warehousing environment using Big Data platforms at some of the world’s largest financial institutions to support regulatory reporting needs for FINRA & ESMA. He has helped build a configurable platform that integrates with complex trading environments without development effort.

Digant Patel worked with teams building automated repair tools for rejected transactions and additional regulatory reporting for FINRA & ESMA. He also worked with the team to build a web-based GUI with easy-to-use dashboards that allow users to quickly and efficiently identify, monitor, and manage errors.

Data warehousing involves multiple servers, careful security protocols, and a skilled understanding of cloud storage and instant data protection. Digant Patel has utilized the power of Data Warehousing to build customized complex rules for validation and reconciliation across all trading systems and related firm and client reporting for regulators. He has leveraged reporting to bolster and supplement compliance and surveillance functions to monitor activity using the same data as regulators. He has successfully helped many businesses integrate data warehousing into their operation. He has continually sought ways to reduce the risk of data loss and hacking and increase data storage efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Protecting data warehouses requires improving control and governance and providing companies with stricter security protocols. These may include adding better firewalls, enhancing security measures, integrating ethical hacking checks, providing monthly security analysis, and continually seeking ways to close backdoor openings. This step requires continued diligence from an IT team.

Digant Patel helps provide this support by continually learning new security concepts and working with his teams to enhance their understanding. This step includes intense training processes, regular continuing education steps, and detailed, hands-on help. Patel believes that IT managers need to be right in there with their employees providing direct support and beefing up security with new and innovative tech.

Other steps Patel takes include integrating faster data processes that more efficiently boost storage needs. Efficiency is critical because it can improve storage times and minimize strain on storage systems. For example, even a processor with double the speed of its predecessor can cut machine strain by significant percentage points, ensuring that the data storage system last longer and doesn’t fail.

Furthermore, Digant Patel also continually seeks ways to connect with customers. The main goal behind each of his services is to satisfy the customers’ needs and ensure they walk away happy. To meet this goal, various customer communication protocols have been set up. This help creates a loop of consistent feedback that makes it easier to meet these needs without fail.