BOCA RATON, FL / OCT. 2022 / While many people mourn the end of summer, many photographers begin preparing their cameras for the best time of year. Photographer and writer Debra Gudema use the unique autumn sunlight and colors to capture one-of-a-kind photographs of nature and people. She recently offered her top tips for snapping photos in the fall.

Debra Gudema Offers Her Top Photography Tips for Fall

“Autumn is a season of change, and its colors are unlike any other time of year,” Gudema said. “Knowing where to look and which camera settings to use can help you capture frame-worthy fall photos.”

Capturing the Fall Leaves

Some of the most iconic fall photographs feature vibrantly-colored leaves before trees shed them for the winter months. However, Ms. Gudema expressed the importance of focusing on more than the tallest trees. She explained that some of the most drastic contrasts come from the shrubs and undergrowth below. These plants turn their own unique fall colors, offering an intense variance for breathtaking photos.

She added that water sources like ponds, lakes, and rivers add an abstract appeal to fall foliage photos. She stated that reflections and backlighting add a unique luminance to fall photography. Increase the exposure by one stop, as the light may cause overexposure.

Photographing Fall Wildlife

As they prep for the stagnant winter months, many creatures move about in the fall. Ms. Gudema explained this is the best time to catch them interacting with their surrounding environment. The low afternoon sun is ideal for capturing creatures finishing the day’s work in picture-perfect lighting. Wildlife photographers also benefit from studying local animal habits for several days to increase the chances of catching them in action.

She suggested taking these photos in landscape mode or with an aperture setting of f/11. Other recommendations include shooting without flash, using a low ISO setting, and zooming for superior telephoto.

Taking Photos from Inside the Forest

While many photographers take photos of fall foliage from afar, Debra Gudema explains that photographs from within the forest can be even more magical. This is where she finds some of the best fall contrasts, and the lighting can be especially dramatic.

“I love wandering through the forest in fall, looking for unique patterns and plants,” she said. “The density of it all creates interesting photos you can look at numerous times and always find something new.”

She suggested shooting in Aperture Priority or landscape mode with an aperture setting of f/16. Zoom to a moderate wide angle and shoot without flash for superior color accuracy.

Fall Photography

Debra Gudema stated that the best way to snap fall photos is to get outside and shoot in all conditions. She suggested getting on the ground to catch animals at eye level, shooting when winds are calm, and using morning mist and sunsets to create dramatic lighting.

Gudema is a renaissance woman with countless hobbies, including blogging, copywriting, marketing, and more. She uses her photography skills to benefit her work and as a way to get outdoors and embrace all seasons.