How are you handling 2020? While you might have had a laugh at the question, it’s important to check in with yourself and talk about how you’re feeling. Between experiencing a global pandemic, staying at home to keep others safe, managing university changes, and remote employment, it’s perfectly normal to experience anxiety or frustration when dealing with the unknown. In fact, even before this year started, studies showed that “74 percent of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope.”

How 20-Somethings Can Relax Amidst the Chaos

This Summer, we recommend employing a few tactics to lessen the stress and bring some relaxation to your weekly routines. From “Self Care Sundays” to meditation, here are a few ideas to channel your chill amid the crazy:

Create an At-Home Holiday

While a quick flight to the beach might not be in your future, have you ever thought about creating your own tropical getaway, straight from your apartment or home? Take a quick trip to the store, grab a favorite margarita mix, kiddie pool, snacks, and any other supplies you might need to bring the sunshine inside. While it might feel silly, changing up your routine with a little unconventional relaxation and a playlist of tropical house remixes could be just what your weekend needs.

Dedicate A Self-Care Day

It’s time for a little Self Care Sunday! No matter what day you choose to do it set aside a proper amount of time, and show yourself some extra love. Tailor your schedule to match what you specifically need to relax, including anything from an in-home spa day to reading a book or practicing yoga. To level up your Self Care Sunday, consider adding any of the following ideas:

  • Unplug from your mobile device.
  • Create a daily gratitude journal.
  • Digitally connect with your friends and family.
  • Meal prep for the week.
  • Watch your favorite movie.

Practice Meditation and Mindfulness

Centering yourself and connecting with your body is one of the best ways to relax amid chaos. Whether you’re looking for a three-minute cool down or need to put in a longer session, meditation practices can decrease stress levels, improve your general outlook, and help you catch a better snooze in the evening. In fact, if you know that your sleep habits have been a little off, consider participating in “beditiation,” a form of relaxation techniques that gets you ready for bed!

Check-In With Yourself

The best way to understand exactly what you need is to ask yourself! Create a quick daily list of questions you can review, and use that assessment to make a relaxation plan. Your list might look something like this:

  • How do I feel today?
  • What is making me happy right now?
  • Is there something keeping me up at night?
  • Am I showing myself the love I need?

Based on your honest answers, you can build a week that’s focused on addressing what you need. If you’re feeling a little isolated, schedule a video chat with a friend for the afternoon. If you need a good laugh, try our holiday-at-home technique or watch a funny movie with your flatmate. Whatever you do, remember that being at home and staying safe doesn’t have to be all gloomy. Simple changes or disruptors in your day can make all the difference!