Former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton has obtained the necessary delegates to become the Democratic party leading nominee. Therefore making her the first woman to become the leading candidate for a large political party in the country.

Clinton has been a part of a great, mediatic primary presidential campaign fighting against Democratic counterpart Bernie Sanders and Republican nominee Donald Trump. On Monday, Clinton was fighting against colleague Senator Sanders to obtain Californian remaining votes.

Hillary Clinton (left) addresses her supporters at a rally held last month. Donald Trump (right) gives a controversial speech at Knoxville.
Hillary Clinton (left) addresses her supporters at a rally held last month. Donald Trump (right) gives a controversial speech at Knoxville. Image Credit: The Blaze

The competition in the Democratic party has been intense between Sanders and Clinton, both of the candidates have had close results in the nation’s states. Senator Bernie Sanders has won 20 states, while Clinton has won 24 states.

The current numbers reflect Sanders with 10,000 votes and Clinton with 13,000 votes and needing only 26 delegates to obtain 2,383 needed to win. Even though there’s still six more states to determine on Tuesday Clinton has received a last-minute support from superdelegates, making her leading candidate.

Clinton’s close road to the Democratic nomination

California is the state that shows a closer range between Sanders and Clinton, having both of the candidates campaigning in a significant matter and making declarations about the future of the Democratic party.

“I’m going to do everything I can to unify the Democratic party and I’m certainly going to be reaching out to Senator Sanders and hoping he will join me in that because we’ve got to be unified going into the convention and coming out of the convention, to take on Donald Trump and repudiate the campaign he is running,” Clinton told CNN News.

The former secretary of state has also been open about being the first woman to win the nomination and possibly becoming the first women president in the story of the United States. While assuring that is just another “historical reason to vote.”

Results between Clinton and Sanders numbers have been close to the date, and even though Clinton is taking the leading role her counterpart Senator Sanders firmly assures results can change.

Sanders is currently concentrated in California to obtain the state’s voters and pass Clinton’s numbers. As well as a possible discussion with the super delegates that showed their support to Clinton,  although according to current polls and rates it’s a very odd situation in a primary election that has been so extensive and controversial.

Meanwhile, Clinton remains high on her position of unifying the Democratic party to defeat the Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Source: Wall Street Journal