Google’s OnHub router was manufactured by networking companies TP-Link and ASUS. This router lets you connect several devices compatible with the Internet of Things to your Wi-Fi network.

IFTTT allows you to program tasks on your gadgets as specific actions are registered. It stands for If This Then That. An example would be “If you unplug your phone from charging, then give it Wi-Fi priority” or “If a device joins your OnHub network, then send a Gmail message.”

Google OnHub router lets you connect several devices compatible with the Internet of Things to your Wi-Fi network. Credit: Google On

Recipes for automation

The OnHub router supports recipes for IFTTT, which are presets that you can install to take advantage of functions designed by other users on automating tasks such as sending notifications, turning off a device or setting up music.

The router costs $200 and it is already available for purchase on Amazon. You can automate the behavior of lights, cameras, Wi-Fi and much more. For instance, you can set up your OnHub router to let you know whenever a person who can access the Wi-Fi signal has arrived at your house; or you can select a recipe that turns on a camera whenever a new device gets connected to the network.

There are many recipes that you integrate to your network, and it is a matter of time until every possible task has been drafted through an IFTTT procedure. There’s even the option of saying “Alexa, trigger priority device” which will lead the OnHub router to prioritize the aforementioned device, granting it unrestricted access to the network.

IFTTT technology has been used mainly for completing simple but common tasks, such as setting the temperature on a thermostat, turning off the oven as the food is cooked or changing the wash cycle on a washing machine.

IFTTT is valuable for connecting different applications and services. You can program a task through IFTTT that posts a tweet whenever you upload an Instagram photo or a script that registers every coffee shop you go to by noting down the entry and exit time on Evernote.

By accessing you can start right away by automating tasks and connecting your home and your devices. People use IFTTT to get notifications whenever their favorite store makes an unusual sales offer, getting alerts whenever specific topics surface on the news, broadcasting a message to friends so they can join you at a local bar, and anything you can imagine that can be accomplished through connecting different apps and services.

Source: The Verge