Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) said on Tuesday morning that it has changed the name of its Chromecast application to Google Cast. The company also presented today a new VIZIO P-Series display with Google Cast built-in

Google has sold more than 20 million units of Chromecast dongles since the player was presented in 2013. It offers great content for almost every TV, and it is cheaper than major streaming media players such as the Amazon Fire TV or the Apple TV. Last year, the company led by Sundar Pichai presented the Chromecast 2, and the Chromecast Audio for speakers.

Google finally presented the new VIZIO P-Series display with Google Cast built-in. Credit: Droid Life

However, the tech giant wants to include the streaming technology inside devices, so users won’t need to buy an extra accessory. As a result, it has allied with major brands such as Sony, LG, Philips, Pioneer, Vizio and Sharp to create devices with Google Cast built-in.

“The Google Cast app makes it easy for you to discover great stuff to watch, find more apps, customize backdrop, and more. The updated Google Cast app will be rolling out this week on Android & iOS,” wrote Adam Champy, Product Manager at Google, in a blog post published Tuesday.

The updated Google Cast app will be available this week for all Android and iOS devices.

Google introduces VIZIO P-Series with Google Cast built-in

Google and VIZIO presented on Tuesday a new set of affordable Smartcast P-Series 4K displays with Google Cast built-in. Customers will be able to stream content to their TVs from apps such as Netflix, Youtube and Google Play, using their smartphones, tablets or PCs.

The Smartcast P-Series displays offer 4K picture and High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, two features that have been already implemented in the latest and more expensive TVs, presented by giants such as Samsung, LG and Sony.

Moreover, the TV includes a 6-inch Android Tablet Remote, which features a 1080p screen, a V8 octa-core processor, and wireless charging, which can be interesting to customers who usually use standard remote controls.

The tablet also comes with SmartCast, an app with almost the same functions as Google Cast, offering access to TV shows, movies, music, podcasts and more.

“All VIZIO SmartCast products have Google Cast built-in, which allows you to cast your favorite content from your phone to your TV, display or speakers. Access more than 200,000 TV shows and movies, plus millions of songs, podcasts, sports, games and more,” says VIZIO.

SmartCast TVs are powered by a V8 Octa-Core processor that includes a quad-core GPU and a quad-core CPU, to deliver great speeds. It is also equipped with Dual-Band 802.11ac Wi-Fi to stream 4K HDR content without lag.

The design of the TV line is very elegant. The body is covered in anodized aluminum, it has beveled edges, and calibrated-legs that elevate the display.

This new VIZIO P-Series display can be acquired starting Tuesday. The 55-inch model costs $1,299, which seems to be a good price when comparing it to other TVs presented by Samsung or LG in 2016, with almost the same specs.  The 65-inch and 75-inch models cost $1,999 and $3,799 respectively.

Source: Google Chrome Blog