Mountain View, California – Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) has announced on November 30th a new feature for its search engine. The new service will allow users to save images and access them easily later.

It is easy to search for a picture on Google image, and once the user found what he wanted, it could be downloaded. To find the same image once again, two options are presented: searching it again, or look for it among all the other pictures that have been already downloaded.

Photo: Digital Trends.
The feature will work across all major browsers on both iOS and Android. Photo: Digital Trends.

Google has announced this won’t happen again by presenting a little and easy solution. Users have now the ability to “star” images, and organize them for easy access later.

When logged into a Google Account, you can press a star, just like you do in web browsers. You can also create “collections” of saved images, which are really just the same folders for bookmarks. A small rectangular card and a star icon now floats in the bottom right-hand corner of the image search page. Clicking on it brings you into a page with two menus up top: Saved Images and Collections.

“The perfect image of your next big adventure, knitting project or style-changing haircut is bound to exist somewhere out there. But what happens once you find the image? Take a screenshot? Maybe try to save the webpage? Starting today there is an easier option: you can now star and bookmark images directly from Google’s image search in your mobile browser” Diego Accame, Software Engineer wrote in a blog post.

The new feature is now available only for mobile users, not the Google app itself, at least not yet. Also, the service is only in the U.S. so far.

Google is taking care of its user’s problems. The company also announced on Monday an upgrade on its new data saver mode in Chrome for Android. The service will save up to 70 percent of data when loading mobile web pages on slow internet connections.

Source: Inside Search