Google will be revealing its new $129 router and flagship smartphone, the Pixel, on October 4. The router is rumored to be named Google Wifi and it will feature undisclosed “smart” functions.

It will be Google’s second take on routers after the release of the OnHub model, which was considered to be a tad too advanced and high priced at $200. It is expected to emphasize full-range connectivity by using other products or bases to make it, so there is no hole left without Wifi.

It will be Google's second take on routers after the release of the OnHub model. Photo credit: Engadget
It will be Google’s second take on routers after the release of the OnHub model. Photo credit: Engadget

Bringing connectivity to every corner

The router will most likely be controlled just like OnHub, also featuring IFTTT compatibility, including security updates to keep the user’s home network under constant protection. The Google router is expected to be small and relatively discreet, as it corresponds to the trend of newer routers from large tech manufacturers, such as Amazon’s Echo and the Luma. It appears that Google has chosen to develop a more accessible device than their OnHub mothership when it comes to home networking. Users are advised to refrain from buying an OnHub until the new Google router is released.

The new 4K Chromecast Ultra was also announced, and more details will be revealed in October. It is also believed that it will feature a $69 price tag, which is more expensive than the standard Chromecast, although it apparently features 4K and HD streaming, which increases its user value.

On the other hand, it seems that Google will also announce details about its Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. The Pixel will be smaller than the XL, with a 5-inch display and 1920x1080p resolution. The Pixel XL will have a 5.5-inch HD display. The Pixel standard model will be priced at $649, more expensive than the latest Nexus, the Nexus 6P. Perhaps the Pixel will serve as Google’s competitor to Samsung and Apple’s smartphones which are currently the dominant products in the smartphone market. Google’s Pixel smartphones will feature Android Nougat, which in itself is VR compatible.

Both devices will have an unremovable battery and Snapdragon processors, paired up with 4GB RAM and 32GB storage. The cameras are average for a phone in its price range, as buyers expect a 13MP rear camera and 8MP frontal camera.

Google is also planning to reveal its Daydream VR platform. The company has not shown much since its announcement in May, but perhaps we will see more of what Google’s got to offer in the upcoming weeks.

The event of October 4 will serve to promote the “Made by Google” products, as it appears that the company is ceasing to use the Nexus models for their smartphones, even if HTC manufactures the Pixel. Perhaps the event will feature even more products than those announced so far. The company even created specifically for the event to be held next month. According to media sources, the event will be live streamed on the website.

Source: Android Police