A “Golden Girls” themed café is opening in New York City. The ‘Rue La Rue’ Café honors the legacy of the ‘Golden Girls’ actress Rue McClanahan. The café features special articles from the series, going from McClanahan’s collection of costumes and photographs to her 1987 Emmy Award.

Now, “Golden Girls” fans have the perfect spot to gather together in New York City.  The café is owned by Michael LaRue, who was a close friend with McClanahan. Ever since her death, in 2010, LaRue has managed McClanahan’s state, and he has decided to share it all with the public.

A “Golden Girls” themed café is opening in New York City. Image credit: WHO Magazine / Scoopnest

“She was a very talented actress, but better than that, she was a wonderful friend,” LaRue said. “She was a loving, kind, generous person and I’m really honored to be able to do this little bit to keep her legacy alive.”

LaRue: ‘This has given her eternal life’

The Golden Girls fans have a new place to visit in Washington Heights, New York City. The “Golden Girls’-inspired café is now open in the Sofia Storage building, at 4934 Broadway near 188th Street.

Michael La Rue decided to open the “Rue LaRue” café to pay honors to her friend, Rue McClanahan, who portrayed the role of Blanche Devereux on the popular show. La Rue inherited all the possessions of The Golden Girls, as she died in 2010. Therefore, he had the idea to share all these specials items of the series with the people.

Having a cup of the Sophia blend at the new Golden Girls cafe in #washingtonheights!

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There are about 220 items that go from costumes from the series to jewelry, photos, and more. LaRue said that the most special item is McClanahan’s Emmy Award from the Golden Girls. He stated that this is the best way to give Rue an eternal life.

All these objects are going to make people remember the adventures of Betty White, Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty and Rue McClanahan during the show that aired from 1985 to 1992 on NBC. More that 25 years have passed by since the show debuted and fans are still loyal. According to LaRue, people from Australia and India have already come to see the collection. The show is still available through the streaming service Hulu.

Michael LaRue and McClanahan met at an animal rights charity event at Studio 54, and they were friends ever since. The café is co-owned by La Rue and McClanahan’s son, Mark Bish.

McClanahan’s character owned every bit of herself

In the Golden Girls, Mcclanahan gave life to Blanche Devereaux, an intelligent, empowered woman of a certain age who wasn’t afraid to show her affinity for men and sex.

“She’s sassy, she’s fun, she’s intelligent, she owns every bit of herself, makes no apologies,” said Jaime Millner, a 30 years old fan who was interviewed in the Café. He identified himself with the character. “That’s why I love her” he added.

McClanahan died at 76. Her co-star Bea Arthur, Dorothy Zbornak in the series, died in 2009 at 86. Estelle Getty, who played Zbornak’s mother Sophia Petrillo, also died in 2008 at 84. Betty White is the only star who remains alive. She turned 95 last January.

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