Artwork belonging to the next issue in the God of War series has been leaked. It features concept paintings and vast environments featuring the betrayed godly hero, Kratos.

The series of images revealed that Kratos will be visiting new locations within the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology. One of the places revealed is Alfheim, a stone city where fairies reside. The other area is known as Vanaheim, a vast forest where living plants might be the toughest opponents Kratos has faced as of yet.

Several images belonging to the next issue in the God of War series has been leaked. Credit: NeoGAF

On God of War 4, we can expect Kratos to pay a devastating visit to each of the remaining worlds of Norse mythology. There’s Midgard, where humans live; Asgard, the place of the gods; Niflheim, the world of ice; Hel, the underworld, and many other places where the Greek hero will surely dive into and wreck havoc.

Fans of the series have yearned for this new journey of the main character. Norse gods such as Thor and Loki will prove to be fantastic characters for the plot, alongside mythical beasts such as Fenrir, Jormungand and many others.

Leaked pictures

The sites where the original images were uploaded (NerdLeaks and the website of a Sony Santa Monica Studio developer) were shut down and they remain inaccessible to this day. The leaked images can be seen on NeoGaf.

The galleries contain concept art and pictures of several models to be expected in-game. The models are mostly landscapes, architecture and Kratos’ silhouette set on different scenarios. There is still no confirmed content regarding enemies, plot or anything similar, although it can be assured that a game like this based on Norse myths will have to include the gods as potential enemies or allies.

Kratos is expected to now have a beard and to be imprisoned at some point in the storyline. Some frames show Kratos holding an axe, which could mean that the player is to cut vines from the environment and to create new walkways using the available landscape. On some pictures that contain models, we can infer that there will be a much deeper interaction with the environment of each world.

Source: NeoGaf