Game of Thrones is certainly a phenomenon that is changing the way people enjoy TV shows.

The plot is both fantasy and drama and fans all over the world pause their lifes every sunday in order to sit down and watch every new episode, streamed by HBO and its mobile platforms. The show is based in the book series by George R.R. Martin A song of fire and ice and with some plot twists is now the most popular series in the industry.

Brienne and Pod safely escort Sansa to the Wall, and the GoT gods were not so cruel (FOR ONCE) as to send Jon away before she arrived. Image Credit: Movie Web
Brienne and Pod safely escort Sansa to the Wall, and the GoT gods were not so cruel (FOR ONCE) as to send Jon away before she arrived. Image Credit: Movie Web

Season 6 is actually the season that includes the larger amount of original content, not showed in the books. So, the course of the story is most likely to be completely new to everyone.

What’s happening in Westeros?

Some Starks are finally reunited: Sansa and Jon Snow met in Castle Black at last. Sansa is more willing to fight than ever in the history of the show, while Jon is more likely to stay still considering his morals defeated by the treason perpetrated by some of his brothers the Night’s Watch. However, receiving a letter from Bolton seems to push him back to the fighting spirit.

Rickon Stark is trapped in a dungeon back in Winterfell, which is under Ramsay Bolton’s domain, former known as Ramsay Snow. Arya, on the other hand, disappeared in the House of the Faceless Men. She is now just a nameless girl. Thus, a girl has no name. Bran is still up North exploring his powers. All the other Starks are gone.

Meanwhile, Lord Baelish, the character responsible of Sansa’s marriage to Ramsay Bolton, returns to the Vale to a very young and spoiled Lord of the Vale, Robyn. He seems to be under the complete control and influence of ‘Littlefinger’ and is conviced by him to go to war. The purpose of which is to alledgely defend Sansa’s honor, after Baelish lies to him about her fate. Although, the real goals of Lord Baelish are still mysterious, but the sensation of danger is very present in the scene.

Book of the Stranger

To understand the title of the episode, it is necessary to remember the most common faith structure in Westeros: The 7 Gods. The Father, the Mother, the Maiden, the Crone, the Warrior, the Smith, and the Stranger. In the holy book of the faith, the Book of the Stranger is the last and least popular but the story the High Sparrow tells to Margaery is taken from it. The conversation, as most conversations held with the Sparrow, ends up being very pleasant for the audience. What is not, is the scene where Margaery and Loras are reunited and he seems almost completely broken.

On the other side of the world, however, Daenerys is not broken at all. She managed to burn the Khalasar’s heads and now the entire Vaes Dothrak bows in front of her. If she will return to Mereen with Tyrion and Lord Varys is still unknown.

Critics are enthusiastic with the course the storyline is taking and fans are too. So far, it seems that Game of Thrones will keep the high rating.

Source: Forbes