As technology continues to leap forward in offering new ways of experiencing video contents, Intel Corp is not being left behind as it’s approaching into the virtual part of technology by using its RealSense 3D camera.

The tech company is now aiming to increase its attention on sports coverage as it recently bought Replay Technologies, a startup company based in Tel Aviv that has developed a ‘free dimensional video’.

The announcement was made on Wednesday by Intel Corp in a blog on its website, and even though the details of the purchase price weren’t revealed, Israeli media alleged it was sold for an incredible $175 million.

The Tel Aviv-based startup has developed multi-dimensional video imaging technologies for sports TV coverage. Credit: Globes

Considering both Intel and Replay Technologies had been working together since 2013, it’s no wonder the two companies would eventually join forces in order to bring further 3D technology content.

In recent events, the two companies showed a preview of the upcoming developments as fans got to experience a full 360 degrees of the renowned Slam Dunk contest during the NBA All-Star Weekend.

The creation of a 3D video rendering of the court using 28 ultra high-definition cameras distributed alongside the arena was able to provide basketball fans with incredibly HD quality video.

While using the newly developed feature called ‘free dimension’ 3D video technology, Intel Corp along with Replay Technologies achieved a groundbreaking triumph in giving viewers a 360-degree panorama of the game.

This new technology allows viewers to see and experience real-life scenes through immersive camera views from different angles, making it a unique experience, unlike normal 3D video.

It’s worth mentioning that this technology was also used in the National Football League’s Super Bowl. The combination of the tech company Intel Corp with the startup company from Tel Aviv lets both companies complete each other’s requirements in order to improve its technology.

For instance, thanks to the acquirement of Replay Technologies, the company can now deliver faster ‘free dimensional’ processing by using Intel’s hardware. Intel’s goal is also to add new features as the devices are still in their early stages of development in order to offer costumers with personalized content and the ability to manipulate it at will.

Replay Technologies appears to have the path to greatness already traced as it announced it had raised $13.5 million last week. This income comes from a financing round led by Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners.

Given that the company shows promise on the actual market, investors including the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, OurCrowd and Samsung Ventures have all pitched in as the company raised $27 million as of now.

Source: Globes