Polytron have launched a new Fez limited edition which includes a physical copy of the game that became a hit since it was launched in 2013. New limited, collector’s version will feature a beautiful red hardcover notebook. Only 500 copies will be sold.

Indie games, which are developed by small teams without financial support, have became popular in the last years. The main key of their success is digital distribution. Games such as Minecraft have already reached 100 million registered users. Many games such as Fez which started as a little project have also became a classic.

This special edition will not introduce any new gameplay or in-game features. However, the box will include a notepad and a pen. The notebook in which the CD of the game will be stored has a red canvas cover with embossed gold foil inlay presented in a matching slipcase.  

Source: macgamerhq.com

The notebook also comes with a free copy of the award-winning soundtrack of the game, composed by Disasterpiece. Last week the famous soundtrack was released in a gold vinyl version that comes with a digital version of the tracks in FLAC or MP3 format. The vinyl can be ordered from the Polyshop for $30.

Phil Fish, the game’s creator, will sign each of the numbered 500 copies. Creators said the product will be available for shipping by December 18th. However, it probably won’t arrive in time for Christmas.

According to Mitch Dyer from IGN, a website dedicated to make video game reviews:

“Fez appeals to the adventurous soul’s want for discovery, and delivers it in an entertaining and original way. After a catastrophic event adds a third dimension to a 2D world, Gomez, the fez-adorned hero, finds himself capable of shifting the dimensional plane. Fez makes no apologies for its complexities. Rather than relying on instruction, players discover possibilities by experimenting at their own pace.”

By 2013 the game had already sold more than 1 million copies. Fez has also won awards including the Excellence in Visual Art at the Independent Games Festival. Later a sequel of the game was announced but then Phil Fish said he was done and he was going to take his money and run. Developer Polytron confirmed what Fish said as well and they apologized for the disappointment.

Source: Tech Times