A long time ago, Twitter imposed a strict limit on third party apps’ services, like Fenix, in the form of tokens, which represent a new user signing up. Third party apps were only allowed to have 100,000 tokens.

This was a preventive measure Twitter took in case any third party app increased too much for their britches, because once the app reached this signing up limit, users would have to download the official app.

Fenix brings you a fresh Twitter experience for your Android smartphone and tablet.

Fenix’s developer team used a humorous GIF image to make their big announce around 11 AM EST. Developers said that Fenix was available on Play Store once more and that it was able to take new users again, they didn’t elaborate.

So far, the app has been downloaded by 100,000 users. According to Matteo Villa, Fenix developer, Twitter itself helped them to fix the limit tokens issue. Fenix hasn’t share details such as how many users can it take in with the update. Te app is currently available for $5.49.

It appears that Twitter intends to be more flexible with its policies

It appears that Twitter is making an effort to be more developer friendly again as Jack Dorsey returned as CEO last year, who affirmed that developers were going to be a big focus.

According to the reports, despite its policies, Twitter left a room in their API limits for giving some apps a the chance to work with Twitter to gain “permission” for things like, additional tokens above the 100K limit.

Fenix isn’t just one of the better 3rd party Twitter apps, but it also have the tools it needs to keep its place in the future.

The category of Twitter on iTunes Store changed

Since watching news and events in real time is Twitter’s best feature; from now on, users will find Twitter under the category of “news “of the App Store instead of finding it in the “social networking” category.

The change actually works pretty well for Twitter, who has positioned itself that way, as a platform for following people sharing content users consider interesting and relevant instead of a platform made for keeping in touch with friends and family, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Source: Droid Life