The gesture recognition company EyeSight brings VR interactions throughtout smartphone cameras for users. Now, no additional hardware or devices will be needed for commands in VR headsets.

The new software allows smartphone’s users to control virtual reality systems by moving their fingers without the help of any physical controllers or hardware. The camera set at the back of the phone will be able to follow people’s gestures, making possible the touch-free command options.

A demonstration of EyeSight's VR Gear
Over the past few years EyeSight has been establishing a name for itself by bringing gesture control to a series of computing platforms and now, to smartphones. Image Credit: Sam Mobile

This new technology simplifies VR experience. By using a VR headset suitable for smartphones and, users might “touch” virtual content by using their fingers. And no extra hardware or gadgets are required.

Some similar technologies exist already.  Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard offers a similar VR experience, however there are some additional apps that are required in order to get into the 3D space. This is exactly what EyeSight is trying to change, the company considers that such futuristic technology must be more”friendly” with users.

VR touch-free sensors are on their way

Virtual Reality (VR) experience has been developed by differents companies, such as Samsung, Phillips, Google, among others. Yet, there are some people who ignore what virtual reality is. What EyeSight brings now is another opportunity to get involved in a world that each day gets closer to people. And they sometimes, have no idea of what they are experimenting.

Put in simple words, virtual reality is a fictional environment displayed by a software that places objects and images with the aim of making the user to believe the experience is real. This sort of software has been already presented throughout diverse devices, such is the case of TVs, tablets, computers, smart glasses, etc.

Moreover, the company assured that it is just the beginning of a technology that brings more solutions that complications. EyeSight bears in mind the development of immersive touch-free control with 3D sensors, a similar invention of the Project Tango one. Regarding this, EyeSight’s CEO, Gideon Shmuel made a statement to the public. 

“By delivering gesture control solutions that are embedded, we enable touch-free interactions for VR without any hardware additions or modifications needed,” said Schmuel in the statement. ” While we are further working to deliver immersive touch-free control with 3D sensors that are both embedded or computer powered”.

Source: Android Authority