Although the function is still in beta, users now can access their Google Drive files from any Evernote app.

This feature is available on both Android and on Evernote’s web app on Chrome, but the development team has stated that other platforms are soon to follow.

Before, one could only add links leading to Google Drive files, but the new update allows users to just drag and drop anything from Google Drive into an Evernote’s note. It is also possible to search Google Drive from the app, including direct accessing through a dedicated Google Drive icon. Thumbnails will now be displayed on Evernote notebooks, instead of just the URL that leads to the files. Images, video, files and even other documents can be attached to a note with the greatest ease thanks to the Google Drive implementation.

Evernote ft. Google Drive
Google Drive for desktop now allows to launch files in preferred applications. File storage service Google Drive now allows users to just drag and drop anything from Google Drive into an Evernote note. Image Credit: Amazon

New Features 

This will allow users to effectively link their files and documents through Evernote, which similar to Google Drive, allows sharing with users that have permission to view and edit said files.

Evernote’s objectives with Google

The partnership comes from the idea that most Evernote users have a Google Account. Therefore, Evernote users now have a much broader array of features and storage available. All of that, without variation from the purpose of the original app.

The new Evernote/Google Drive compatibility sets the cloud-storage service apart from competitors such as Dropbox and OneDrive. As none of these two have such seamless connectivity with a major note-taking application. One of Google’s objectives is to lead customers to stay and to try out Google’s cloud storage, as the competition in this field is significant and users tend to not like switching services.

Evernote’s CEO Chris O’ Neill addressed the event stating that it is a “natural progression” for Evernote enthusiasts. As Google is already taking part in digitizing the world and driving productivity forward through the use of cloud-based services through storage, backup and file sharing.

It is also known that Evernote has undergone some important changes since O’ Neill took the leadership of the company. They were forced to fire 47 employees and shut down three offices in an effort to develop a more focused work process.

Google Drive is already connected to other important services such as Yahoo Mail and Whatsapp. Evernote correspondents add that this is just the beginning of Google’s integration to Evernote, as the possibilities are endless for both services.

Source: Evernote Blog