For this particular Sunday Netflix brings TV shows and films to watch with dads, grandpas and the rest of the family. The scheduled program for this father’s day will fulfill the preferences for the entire family.

On Sunday, everybody will be celebrating with dad, grandpa or with that paternal figure that has sat, at least one time, to watch our favorite TV shows. This time, Netflix decided to dedicate its list of programs to dads who like watching sports, films, series or comics.

This Sunday is father’s day, and you can enjoy it in Netflix. Credit: TV Guide

Considering that this is a family day, and most prefer to celebrate it at home, Netflix gives viewers options to please everywhere’s dads. “Archer,” “Parenthood” and “Better Call Saul” are just a few option from the whole cluster Netflix has to prepare for this weekend.

However, it is not a matter of passing the TV controller and leaving dad all alone in the living room. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to share with dad and to realize what sort of shows he watches while being in front of the TV. Therefore, Netflix has designed the perfect day for a relaxed father’s day.

Netflix profiles

Netflix profiles have been developed to allow family members enjoy a more personalized TV experience. Dads deserve being pampered and picking up for him series and films that they might enjoy or get interested into is a valid option for this particular Sunday.

Depending on the preferences of each dad, Netflix has added to its list of scheduled programs “Chef’s Table” (for those fathers who are gastronomy admirers) “Peaky Blinders” (a gangster drama series) or if superheroes series is what delight the most your dad, “Marvel’s Daredevil” is the perfect option for it. Even better, you have the possibility of surprising your dad with the choices you make for him, adding your or his preferences to the parent’s Netflix profile.

Netflix’s features make easier TV experience for dads

Netflix has a cluster of useful functions that facilitates things for those dads who are not very skilled with TV streaming. Keeping in mind that it is a one-day- holiday, probably dad could not reach to the last episode he decided start watching on father’s day. Thus, Netflix gives the option of recalling the part of the episode that was left halfway, also, Netflix goes automatically to the next episode once one ends.

For example, if your dad opts for watching The League, a sports series available this Sunday as part of father day’s schedule, but the day is so short that he cannot finish watching it, he can always catch up later adding it to his individual Netflix profile, the show will be available and ready to play it via TV, computer or smart devices.

Source: TV Guide