On Tuesday afternoon, a nine tornadoes’ storm hit Kansas. It is the fourth consecutive day of multiple twisters touching down the Plains states. The simultaneous tornadoes damaged several resident’s homes and vehicles.

Tuesday evening, storm chasers detected a huge twister near Dodge City. Which allegedly caused injuries in several Ford County’s residents.

At about 6 p.m. the National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed the arrival of a big Tornado to the city. After a house that was destroyed on its way to Dodge City was reported by officials. Warnings and tornadoe’ sirens blared across town. And citizens were urged to shelter because of the dimensions the twister was likely to have.  

Twin tornadoes not only occurred once, but three times this evening in Kansas.
Twin tornadoes not only occurred once, but three times this evening in Kansas. Image Credit: Kansas

It is the fourth day of consecutive tornadoes taking place in Ford County, Kansas. Also, the National Weather Service added the tornado was moving towards the city at 20 miles per hour. A speed that might result fatal if precautions are not taken. Vehicles and homes of residents were overturned, along with a propane leak. All of this was a consequence of the storm.

Multiple Tornadoes rarely hit Kansas, at least not in nines 

It seems like dual tornadoes are rare to hit the country. Regarding to the recent dual tornado occurred in Kansas, Brad Guay commented on the case. Guay, a meteorologist from the Center for Severe Weather Research, said the dual tornadoes he witnessed in Kansas were very impressive. Such nature events are almost rare to occur, stated the meteorologist from Kansas. Guay posted a photo on his Instagram account where it is possible to visualize the dual twisters he refers to.

Once the powerful tornado passed, damages were estimated to be in the hundred thousands. Vehicles and cars were affected at the west side of the country. And even a tractor-trailer was overturned by the storm.

A 13-year-old boy was victim of flooding caused by Tornadoes

In Arkansas, a teenager who was reported missing was found after residents located him. The teenager felt into a ditch and was then swept away by the flooding.

Jonesboro Police Department Desk Sergeant, Robert Anderson, said his precinct received a call to report a boy who had been dragged by high water. And had immediately disappeared. Luckily for him, he was later found safe and sound. 

The flooding victim was found alive when a resident spotted him two blocks apart from the place he had been swept away. The teenager was took to the hospital where he presented minor injuries.

Tuesday evening, Arkansas’ authorities reported a flash flood emergency due to successive heavy rainfall. Tornadoes in Colorado and Texas were also reported.

Source: Weather