Donorbox Review

Being compassionate and charitable is something we love to see in a human being. As a society, we appreciate people who made a fortune but still haven’t forgotten where they came from and “give back” to their community on a regular basis. It shows them as humble and “down to earth” regardless of their wealth and power. Recent surveys showed that more than two-thirds of the millennials prefer to do business with someone who gives up a portion of their income for a higher cause and uses it’s a business platform to help to collect donations. In the end, we all love a good Samaritan.

One of the best ways to build a healthy public image, as a business owner, is to set up some sort of donation software and integrate it with your website so you can help your clients to make donations to a cause that is important to the community or the one you feel very passionate about.

At the moment there are much software that can do this job but the one that stands out the most is called simply Donorbox. Now, let’s see what separates this fundraising tool from its competitors.

Allows Recurring Donations

A great part of fundraising tools on the market offer an option for single donation or the one on a monthly basis. This turned out to be quite bad. The problem with that system is that not everyone is going to have funds in their account to make a donation every month so you end up with only one donation from each person with no follow-ups. As a result, you will have an unstable donation scheme and the one that is not reaching the goal you have set for a certain period of time. For example, special and more active fundraising campaigns during one of the months of a specific goal that should be achieved.

Donorbox gives you a lot more flexibility and offers your clients to choose if the want to make only one donation, make donation weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. For every recurring donor, Donorbox offers a Donor Login so they can monitor their donations, change credit card details, change the intended amount, pause, resume or cancel their donation system if they want at any time.

Processing Fees Covered by Users

One of the best, if not the best feature of Donorbox system is that allows companies that use is to have all the processing fees covered by donors. As much as you would like to help and raise funds for the purpose of your choice, if the system you are using lays all processing fees on you, you are in danger of spending more money than you wanted and we all know unplanned expenses are bad for the budget of any business. This is a great feature that cuts down on a huge deal of expenditure on your part. This means it is highly efficient and cost effective to set up Donorbox and host it on your webpage.

Our pricing – 1.5% as platform fees.
We use Stripe/ PayPal as our payment processor – 2.9% as processing fees.
By using ‘Ask Donors to cover fees’ – All the above mentioned fees will be taken care by donors and our platform will be completely free for Nonprofits.

A full range of features

In the last few years, we have seen many fundraising tools pop up on the market, but when it comes to innovative features and useful integrations, no one comes close to Donorbox.

Donorbox is seamlessly integrated with systems like Zapier, MailChimp and Salesforce to corporate gift matching which allows donations to be increased.

Another great feature is the option to exchange messages with other donors worldwide. You are able to share your campaign on social media in order to reach as many people as you can. You can also create a pop-up donation form. You can create donation forms in 9 languages. Goal Meter is another useful feature that gives you insight into how is your campaign doing and how far you are from reaching your goal. You can embed this information wherever you want or choose to display it on your donation form.