Donald Trump reverted his comments about House Speaker Paul Ryan.; The Republican candidate tried to recover GOP unity as he stated his backing for Ryan’s reelection.

Is not a surprise to see Donald Trump mix into some scandal, but the Republican candidate has had a rough week after facing criticism and controversy for several statements in the past days. On this occasion, Trump decided not to endorse House Speaker and famous Republican Paul D. Ryan on his reelection and rather gave support to Ryan’s opponent Paul Nehlen, as he discussed general election on Tuesday.

Donald Trump attends a campaign event at Briar Woods High School in Ashburn, Va., on Aug. 2. Image Credit: Eric Thayer/Reuters/The Washington Post

Trump also refused to endorse Senator John McCain on his primary campaign, for which the Republican Candidate faced intense criticism inside his party and in the press. This statements, are a part of the substantial rupture the party is currently facing the general election.

During the same week, Trump was harshly criticized by President Barack Obama who doubted the candidate’s common sense and ability to play by the rules. POTUS assured Trump was “woefully unprepared to do this job,”

Media coverage had strong opinions about Trump kicking out a baby from a rally after the infant kept on crying while he spoke.

Last, but not least, Trump sharply criticized the Muslim parents of a deceased American soldier who died in Iraq due to a suicide bomber. Khizr and Ghazala Khan spoke against Trump at the Democratic convention, and the Republican candidate had something to say about it.

Backing party members

After Trump decided not to endorse and back fellow party members on Tuesday, the candidate has been facing the rupture of the Republican party on his behalf which could endanger his election results.

The Republican candidate assured he “just wasn’t ready” to back Paul Ryan on his reelection on Wisconsin or Sen. McCain in Arizona. At the same time, Trump confirmed Nehlen, Ryan’s opponent, had an excellent campaign.

Trump also had something to say about Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire’s reelection candidate, when he assured Ayotte doesn’t support him despite Trump “beating her in the polls by a lot.”

The candidate continued his statements in an interview with Philip Rucker from the Washington Post, in which he continued to bash Paul Ryan and his lack of strength to be House speaker.

Trump’s statements come as a response to the dispute he and Ryan have faced during the election period. On several occasions, the Republican members have disagreed, and Ryan even criticized Trump’s comments on the deceased soldier parents.

All members have felt the tension and division on the Republican party and after Trump’s comments on Tuesday a text message was sent to supporters and members that read “Party unity will help Make America Great Again,”

In a way of apology, Trump announced his backing to fellow party members on Friday by assuring “We will have disagreements, but we will disagree as friends and never stop working together toward victory– and very importantly, toward real change,”

The candidate even addressed the comments being made by the media about his vetting of a baby during a rally. Trump assured media coverage was holding a war against him as he said: “It’s me against the press.”

It has been a rough week for the Republican candidate who has been in the eye of the tornado. Many have said Trump’s comments and statements are being toned down to make it in the general election.

Trump vs. Clinton

Trump is facing a rough time in the recent polls, lowering almost 15 points and having Republican candidates switching votes to benefit contender Hillary Clinton.

On Tuesday Meg Whitman, a Republican donor, and CEO of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, announced her vote for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. Along with Whitman, Richard Hanna, and Sally Bradshaw announced the same.

In the most recent statements against the Democratic candidate, Trump has assured the female contender is “In one way, a monster” but “in another way she’s a weak person and she’s not strong enough to be president,” assured Mr. Trump.

The statements made by the Republican candidate might be a response to the pledge made by his fellow party members who assured Trump should focus on Clinton instead of his party.

Source: The Washington Post