The Allegan County Health Department found out that Dr. Bradley Bastow was performing surgeries in a Glenn pole barn.

Authorities recommend any patient of Dr. Bastow who has fever, redness or swelling after surgery to get immediate medical care. The health department announced that the doctor clearly didn’t have a certificate of occupancy and no business activity was approved in the pole barn.  The authorities continue to investigate the issue. They are concerned about biohazard standards.

Dr. Bradley Bastow
Dr. Bradley Bastow. Image credit: Body Laser Sculpting Medical Spa.

Dr. Bradley Bastow was performing liposuctions and other body sculpting surgeries

Dr. Bastow is a licensed physician; however, he did not have permission to perform surgeries in his Glenn pole barn. According to the reports, Dr. Bastow had moved his practice from South Haven to the Glenn pole barn. His practice included heart patients, but even before he left South Haven it appears that he was doing a lot more liposuction surgeries, according to Nick Stegman, who was working in a pharmacy in Dr. Bastow’s South Haven building.

Dr. Bradley Bastow
Dr. Bradley Bastow’s sign. Image credit: WZZM-TV.

“He purchased a couple limos and part of his whole thing is he would pick the people up in the limo, do surgery and then he would drive them back to wherever it was he picked them up,” Nick Stegman. “A lot of things I seen working at the pharmacy in the same building did not seem very sanitary.”

The pole barn is located at 6990 114th Avenue in Glenn. The Allegan County Sheriff’s Office was the first to notify the Public Health Department about the issue and about the risks of the surgeries performed in the pole barn.

A complaint has been filed with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. They continue to investigate the issue and if the health of any person has been compromised by this practice.

Dr. Bastow has not said anything about the issue yet

Allegan Health officer Angelique Joynes said Friday that people who had a surgery with Dr. Bastow in the pole barn should seek immediate medical care, especially if they show any signs of infection such as fever, redness, and swelling.

Residents in Glenn confirmed it was Dr. Bradley Bastow who was performing liposuctions in the unlicensed facility. His name is also listed on a permit in the window of the pole barn.

Dr. Bradley Bastow
Dr. Bastow’s pole barn. Image credit: Fox8.

“I just know my dad has seen Dr. Bastow in South Haven for his heart for many years,” says Tiffany Gerbers. “He comes to Glenn now to see Dr. Bastow. He seems happy with it.”

According to the Website for Body Sculpting, they have different locations in South Haven, Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, but the South Haven address listed is for the pole barn in Glenn. The website states that it is Bastow who performs multiple types of procedures including breast augmentations, face lifts, and liposuctions.

Dr. Bostow has not responded to the requests for information, nor has Debora Gilson, his surgical technician.

Source: Fox 17 West Michigan