With an exciting game of 3-6 6-1 6-2 6-4, this Sunday Novak Djokovic has claimed the Roland Garros, battling Andy Murray, thus making himself the winner of all four grand slams. He has become the third in achieving this feat, after Rod Laver and Don Budge.

As the world’s No.1 and No.2 met in court, everyone knew that Djokovic had the upper hand, as Murray has not been able to win a Grand Slam final against his friend.

Andy Murray suffers defeat to Novak Djokovic in Roland Garros final. Credit: Scoopnest

First set

Murray served but went long. Djokovic earned the first point and then the second, after Murray’s shot collided with the net. Djokovic took advantage and forced Murray to lose balance and then to score his 0-40. On the second game, Murray stood up and managed to score three break points, evening the score to 1-1.

Murray was serving for the next match. He managed to score first and then a second time after Djokovic’s shot hit the nets. Murray took momentum and won the game with an ace. Murray was leading by 3-1, but Djokovic was just starting to get acclimated. They stood at 15-40, but Murray excelled and then managed to reach 4-1. The game had been overflowing with Djokovic’s mistakes, to which Murray took advantage. But Djokovic upped the pressure and turned out victorious out of a 40-40, securing a 4-2.

Murray did not fall on Djokovic’s attempts to come back, but the following game hit the deuce twice. The match stood at 5-2. Djokovic took up the pace as the game got to a game point for Djokovic. He scored an ace and secured the game. With Djokovic behind its heels, Murray secures the lead thanks to an unpopular decision by the umpire. At 40-30, Djokovic hits the nets, and Murray wins the first set.

Second set


Djokovic served and delivered with a great forehand. He then managed to score again, securing 30-0 against Murray. Murray scored but then failed to reach the ball as the game stood at 40-15. Murray defended admirably and then reached a deuce. Djokovic served, but Murray did not maintain his strength, to which Djokovic won the first game.

Djokovic scored twice, then Murray once. He fell short, and the game was at 30-40, winning Djokovic. Murray commits a double fault which gives Djokovic the advantage, winning the second match. After a tight rally, Djokovic is seeming to have gained force, reaching a 40-15 and then winning the third game after Murray’s shot did not hit the court. Murray got to a deuce on the following match, and his serving ace gave him his first game of the set.

But Djokovic did not stop. He had reached a staggering 40-0 before one of his shots landed short. The set stood at 4-1. Djokovic played fiercely, as he performed the same as last game, thus achieving a 5-1. Djokovic scored the first point of his 6th game, but Murray managed to score twice. Djokovic stood firm and secured the second set for himself.

Third set

Murray served and scored a steady streak of points, and Djokovic scored twice, but Murray held his ground and won the first game. Djokovic was impeccable, but Murray responded with strength. They reached yet another deuce at 40-40, but Djokovic stole the game with a successful retrieval. At level scores, Djokovic took advantage of Murray’s mistakes and with a volley scored his second game.

Murray’s shot went wide, granting a free point for Djokovic, but he also erred, getting the game to 15-15. At 30-30, Djokovic took up speed and scored the following two points. As Murray served, both players managed to score, and the game reached 30-40, but Djokovic crossed Murray, thus winning his fourth game.

Djokovic is nearing victory, and it’s his turn to serve. A one-one rally goes by, and Murray reaches several break points, then a deuce. A failed backhand from Murray gives Djokovic the lead, in which he then secures his fifth game.

Murray is not giving up. He manages to reach a 40-15, and a strong cross forehand gave him his second game. Djokovic took control and scored three consecutive points, then deals with Murray’s responses and earns the third set for himself.

Final set

Murray had a lot to do as Djokovic doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Murray’s mistakes keep piling up, and Djokovic reaches break point, then winning the first game due to a net shot by Murray. Djokovic kept on coming, and in spite of Murray’s great defense, he won the second game. Murray managed to reach a deuce on the following game, winning it thanks to a missed shot by Djokovic.

Djokovic took no prisoners as he won his third game with a 40-0. Murray kept coming back and achieved another deuce, after a ton of pressure on the net, he held high and won his second game. But with Djokovic in command, another 40-0 ensued, winning the game with a serve. Djokovic kept on going and with another 40-0 he broke Andy Murray, it seemed that victory was secure.

But Murray made an effort and after a string of ricochets at the net, he won his third game. Hope seemed present for the Briton. Murray was serving, and he scored an excellent first point. He reached 40-15 and Djokovic’s shot hit the net, setting the score at 5-4.

Djokovic served, but Murray scores. Djokovic controlled the situation and excelled, reaching a 40-15. Djokovic then committed a double fault, and the score stood at 40-30. Murray upped the pressure and reached a deuce. Djokovic and Murray exchange shots, but after hitting the net, Murray lets go of the finals, to which Novak Djokovic completes his Career Grand Slam.

Source: Mirror