An envelope is a packaging material that is made up of flat paper. It is usually designed so that flat objects such as letters, postcards, and documents can be placed in it. Most traditional envelopes are made from paper sheets shaped in a kite, rhombus, or short arm cross form. There are several different types of envelopes, and these come in different dimensions. These are all based on international standard sizes and may differ according to the country.

Different Types Of Envelopes You Should Know About
Joanna Kosinska

Envelopes have been used for several years for collecting and transporting crucial messages. These deliver formal and informal messages and can be made in a simple design or decorated as a gift. To get the best envelopes, you should get in touch with a reliable provider like

Given below are different types of envelopes that are available and what you must know about them.

Baronial envelope

These types of envelopes are used both for commercial and social applications. They have pointed flaps and are available in several sizes, colors, designs, and textures. These are used mostly for invitation purposes. They are usually available in four standard sizes.

Different types of baronial envelopes are –

  • 4 baronial
  • 5 ½ baronial
  • 6 baronial
  • Lee

They are a great option for sending out invites. They look elegant and are suitable for carrying designers as well as professional invites.

A style envelope

Another kind of envelope design is the A-style envelope. It usually comes with the square fold and is mostly used for sending out announcements and social information. These are made with text papers, and they also come in several designs, textures, and colors.

They are often used to carry formal invitations, thin brochures, booklets as well as promotional pieces. They give a unique and elegant look and can be a style statement for any organization.

Since they are usually sent out for making announcements, they can be designed based on the kind of announcement paper being sent out. It can be either a commercial announcement that has a vellum paper finished look. For social announcements, usually, a white color envelope is used. For the traditional announcement, mint cotton fiber paper is used.

Square envelope

Another widely circulated type of envelope is the square envelope. These are mostly used for making announcements, sending out greeting cards invitations as well as advertising. Square envelopes have a modern look, and the build is elegant and beautiful. They come in sizes of 5 ×5 to 8.5 × 8.5. These are perfect for sending out formal invitations and are a great way of setting an impression.

Commercial envelopes

One of the most commonly used envelopes for business communication is commercial envelopes. These have a different built based on the seams and paper used. They are always preferred for communication of formal information and business-related documents.

Booklet envelopes

Booklet envelopes have a long hand design, and they have a standard slab style. These are widely circulated for sending out yearly reports, budgets, and other long-form documents. They also carry marketing brochures, sales materials, proposals, and much more. They are usually available in 9×12 inches or 10×13 inches.

Catalog envelopes

These are a kind of open-end envelope, and they are used for mailing heavy catalogs and materials. Many people use it for mailing presentation materials, multiple documents, catalogs, and much more. They are also available in two sizes like booklet envelopes and have a suave, modern look.

Envelopes are a great way of sending out invites, emails, official documents, and reports. Several styles are available, and they can also be customized according to your needs.