Last month, Atlus announced the fifth title of its emblematic Persona series, and the company confirmed release dates for both Asia and the United States, but Europe was left out of the picture.

However, European gamers may rest assure because, on Wednesday, the Asian company announced that they had got to a distribution arrangement with Deep Silver, a video game publishing division of a German multi-national corporation that is based in Munich. Sega, which is Atlus’ parent company, is also part of the deal which a lot of people found weird because the company has acted as a publisher in the past.

Gamers in Europe will be able to play Persona 5 and other Atlus titles thanks to Deep Silver. Credit:

“We’re working on it,” reads an announcement at Atlus’ website “It’s an oft-used PR phrase that people have come to see as a general throwaway response. And while I can’t speak for every case, I can at least tell you that when it comes to publishing our games (and SEGA’s!) in Europe, it’s true. We are working on it. Or were, really, since we just inked a deal with Deep Silver to release multiple upcoming titles in Europe. Physical versions.”

Whatever the publisher is, it is great news for European gamers, especially the ones that love their RPGs.

There is not a date for European release yet

Atlus is famous for its role-playing game series which are often very original and crazy. Shin Megami Tensei, Etrian Odyssey, and Trauma are among its most famous games, but the one everybody is expecting is Persona 5. This franchise is just amazing, and there is a huge international cult around it. The game established what is now known as JRPG with stylish designs and a combination of dungeon exploring with social “real-life” interactions.

In the game, gamers always get to control a group of high school students who have to face a series of supernatural occurrences. In order to survive and save the world, they have the power to summon “Personas” which are nothing more than the multiple self-beings living within them. The games combine a little bit of mystery, dungeon exploring and a lot of social interaction. Since the weapon of the main characters is themselves, the player has to level up in dungeons and in “real life” doing things like studying, going out with friends, going to the karaoke and much more. Persona 3 has been the most emblematic of them all, and the fourth title broke the console barriers jumping to portable gaming.

Persona 5 looks amazing, the trailer shows spectacular visuals that bring to mind the ones in Okami, but in a 3-D environment. The combat system looks amazing, and the world outside of the dungeons seems huge giving the player a lot of interaction options.

It is indeed a great month for RPG lovers. The distribution of Atlus games come weeks after the release of Odin Sphere Leifthrasir’s HD remake. The game was a PS2 classic, and it was re-worked with more in game options and an imagery refresh for younger generations.

Source: Atlus