The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) released a memo to a legislator estimating that before July, marijuana may be reclassified. Good news for those who believe in marihuana’s medical benefits.

According to The Washington Post, drugs, substance or chemicals denominated as Schedule I by the DEA are the most dangerous drugs, they, of course, are no currently accepted for medical use and are considered that they have a big potential for abuse and severe psychological or physical dependence. Since 1970, this is the way the DEA classifies marijuana, which has being criticized through scientific research, public opinion, medical use, and state law.

Medical marijuana debuted on Monday and around 3.300 patients were attended in 5 dispensaries across Illinois. Credit: Chicago Tribune

According to the DEA’s classification, weed is supposed to be more addictive and dangerous than Vicodin and OxyContin (Schedule II), Ketamine (Schedule III), and Xanax and Valium (Schedule IV).

The American Academy of Pediatrics has called on the DEA to change the drug’s scheduling status, pleading to its potential to treat a number of serious diseases, such as chronic pain and epilepsy. People as well has been asking the government to declare legal the marihuana, or at least to change its status, claiming that medical marijuana it’s become popular and have been having a lot of success.

For now, laws are only allowing the University of Mississippi to control weed for studying.  “Because of this monopoly, research-grade drugs that meet researchers’ specifications often take years to acquire, if they are produced at all.”, a Brookings Institute report argued.

Americans are likely to the legalization of marijuana

Even five years ago, 50% of Americans were in favor of legalizing marijuana. Now, with the release of the memo that promises to reevaluate the scheduling, the fact that the news it’s been trending on Facebook all day long, shows that most of the Americans still support the legalization.

Is not secret the embracement of weed in American culture, there’s plenty TV shows and series where people talk openly about it and that’s prove enough. Some states have even legalized for recreational use and some other are following their steps.

Even when medical research is the main reason why so many groups get involved with the cause for rescheduling marijuana, it’s possible that the discussion for fully legalizing marijuana may be opened soon.

Source: MediaITE