The creator and director of Dark Souls, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has told GGN Gamer that the franchise is officially over and that he is now working with From Software, the studio behind both Dark Souls and Bloodborne, moving on to other projects. They have already begun development on a brand new IP, or Intellectual Property, referring to another game franchise.

Dark Souls III was only released worldwide the past month, and now the entire franchise is closing down. But this is not brand new news for gamers since Miyazaki said this would be the last game in the series. He also said that he wanted to move on and work on other projects, adding that he does not want to return to work on Dark Souls anytime soon.

According to Engadget, the Dark Souls franchise will return in, probably, five years, since it could be a good way for the company to make money.

Photo credit: The Verge
The creator and director of Dark Souls, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has told GGN Gamer that the franchise is officially over. Photo credit: The Verge

Other problems with the Dark Souls franchise

Players have been having problems with the online server of Dark Souls III, since it has shut down all of the sudden, complaining that an Invalid Game Data message has been popping up for many of the users. The message says the player has modified game files, which is going to result in further actions from From Software and publisher Bandai Namco.

A Reddit user contacted Bandai Namco support and sent them an email and, after he received a response, he posted it online. Bandai Namco said that is still looking into the issue because it knows the issue currently affecting the Dark Souls: Prepare To Die matchmaking service. The response said that Namco is aware that the matchmaking service is not working properly.

On a Tumblr post, both From Software and Bandai Namco explained that those players that have inconsistent files, modification of save data, game alterations or an external file will be investigated.

Dark Souls III is definitely dealing with a cheating problem, and the company is making the gamers who cheat to have their online interactions restricted, basically only allowing them to interact with other cheaters and the “You Have Been Penalized” message will be displayed.

The Invalid Game Data will be shown on the player’s game until the two companies determined whether the player has violated the End User License Agreement at any point.

Source: Engadget