Daredevil goes into its second season by the hand of Netflix. The list of characters is simply amazing as The Punisher and Elektra make noise, but some of the names of season 1 will come back big time.

Daredevil came out as a big surprise for a lot of people. There are many TV shows featuring superheroes, but this one attracted genre fans and first timers alike. In season 1, we witnessed the double life of Matt Murdock, a blind attorney by day and a crime-fighter by night. He freely moved in the shadows, but the actor, Charlie Cox, said that things might be a little different for season 2.

Daredevil season 2 will premiere March 18 on Netflix. Credit: Blastr.com

“He’s so much more visible and he is a symbol that is instantly recognizable,” the actor reasons. “He’s been on the front cover of the newspaper. It has to inform the decisions that he makes. I think he has to be more responsible. He can’t be as anonymous as he could be in the first season. And that informs not only his actions, but also the way he carries himself, the way he holds himself, the way he communicates with people, etc.”

The new season also brings big names in the comic world and there are many repeating from season 1, including Karen. However, having a lot of names does not mean success and some fans feel skeptical about season 2 because there are a lot of things let unexplained in the first arc of the story.

Marco Ramirez, one of Daredevil’s executive producers, told Zapit2 that they were going to focus on the story of Matt Murdock and the other characters would mix in it in the most fluent and enjoyable way.

The direction is going to play with the hero’s love life. Using Elektra to bring his dark Daredevil side and Karen to connect him with his human nature and much more he thought absent. This comes as a big surprise because Karen was shown weak and sort of helpless in the first season. But her development is going to be heavily impacted by the arrival of The Punisher. Karen’s story is a little in the woods, there are many things left unexplained, but the actress,  Deborah Ann Woll, said in an interview with CBR news that in season 2, they would give hints and reveal some details.

There are many interesting turns the story could take and we will have to wait until March 18 when season 2 goes begins to stream on Netflix.

Source: Comic Book Resources