Washington – A presidential commission for enhancing cyber security in the United States gathered yesterday, Friday 2, to discuss its final report. The said report came in one hundred pages of recommendations for the next administration to take in the fight against online crimes.

The 16 members commission led by President Barack Obama, made emphasis on the need for the president-elect Donald Trump, to make cyber security a top priority. They also commended the private and the public sectors of the nation to join forces into improving the matter.

The information published Friday could lead to massive cyber attacks all over the world. Image Credit: Flickr

The answers were given

The panel suggested the creation of a brand new instance destined to the enhancement of online procedures like transactions and identity recognition. It was not the only figure they advised to create. A sort of cyber security assistant to the next presidency is among the recommendations, someone to report and lead the ongoing battle against digital law breaking.

Other point made was the need for a national public-private initiative designed to boost the use of stronger authentication of personal data to avoid scams on the net.

The group was packed with security and legal experts like former US National Security adviser to President Obama, Thomas Donilon, former National Security Agency director General Keith Alexander, retired IBM chairman and CEO Samuel Palmisano, and MasterCard president and CEO Ajay Banga.

“Recent attacks in which everyday consumer devices were compromised for malicious use have made it abundantly clear that we now live in a much more interdependent world. The line between what is critical infrastructure and everything else becomes more blurred.” was said in the report, made available for the press yesterday.

The working of the plan is due

Another highlight included the creation of national cyber security workforce initiative to provide training to 100,000 new cyber security workers by 2020 and the aim to eliminate the threat of identity stealing five years from now.

The work comes from the worst hacking attack the US government has endured. That also brought accusations regarding the Russian state being related to the hacking that democrat politicians suffered during the past presidential elections.

One of the members of the panel, Herbert Lin from Stanford University, claimed that big information technology companies think that the federal administration in the United States has not been useful for preventing hacks to happen, especially those coming from China.

Trump publicly invited Russia to leak the emails they had of his opponent, former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.

Even though Trump’s team has yet to make a comment on the findings of the report, the commission has established a time lapse for him to take action: his first 100 days in the White House Office.

On the other hand, president Barack Obama issued a written statement where he made clear his team is going to keep working whatever possible in the month he has left.

Source: BBC