It was 8 pm at Newport Beach, California, when Edward Caban, an Uber driver, picked up what he thought was just another client, but Mr. Benjamin Golden, the passenger, had been drinking and was fairly intoxicated. This was the perfect setting for a viral video after the uber driver had to use pepper spray on the drunk man. Mr. Golden had lost his job as a Taco Bell executive and publicly apologized for the attack stating “that isn’t me.” The videos can be easily found on YouTube.

Solomon Yuen, a 60-year-old uber driver, was not so lucky. He was attacked by a drunk passenger and was left with several facial injuries near the Cow Palace in Daly City, California, on February 15, 2015.

“Bop it” by Hasbro is intended to be in every Uber to avoid intoxicated passengers attack the driver. Credit:

Many countries’ law forbid public intoxication and most countries penalize driving under the effects of alcohol which is one of the main reasons for hired transportation to be a very busy business on Friday and Saturday night.

These reports can be found all over the net and taxi drivers just have to deal with it and this is where it gets genius. Uber drivers are using toys to keep their drunk passenger distracted and entertained.

“Bop it” is a successful toy released by Hasbro. The toy has handles, cranks, buttons and colored switches. When you start the game, a prerecorded voice is going to give instructions, such as “press the red button, pull the handle, etc.” In order to win, you have to accurately follow the instructions which could represent a challenge to an adult under the effects of alcohol.

“Folks there have found it’s a great way to keep drunk riders entertained so they don’t distract their driver,” Uber Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan wrote in a blog post.

Subtle and clever solutions are desperately needed since the violent tantrums from drunk passengers do not limit to men. Doctor Anjali Ramkissooon, a Jackson Health System employee, tried to get into an Uber that was not meant for her in the Brickell area of Miami. The actual client started recording as the young doctor went on a violent tantrum attacking both the car and the driver. Jackson Health System has communicated with local press and stated that Dr. Anjali was placed on administrative leave and an internal investigation would determine if any disciplinary action was necessary.

Next time you drink your way to be a little too happy and call an Uber to get you home, remember to look for a toy under the seat instead of becoming the next protagonist of a viral video.

Sources: ABC News and Global News