The new Chevrolet Bolt has landed in the right spot with reviewers, as many have compared the new Chevrolet full-electric to Tesla’s Model S.

Even Tesla owners have gone ahead and assured that the Chevrolet Bolt could be GM’s finest vehicle released in decades. Chevrolet launched its 24-hour test-drive program to have potential clients weigh the features introduced by the Chevy Bolt. The Chevy Bolt will become the first electric vehicle manufactured by Chevrolet with comfort, and affordability in mind aimed to a consumer market that each day leans more towards economic and pollution-free solutions.

GM announced that its upcoming 2017 Chevrolet Bolt electric car will return an EPA-estimated 238 miles of range. Image Credit: Automobile Mag

An extensive review of the Chevrolet Bolt compared to the Tesla Model S can be seen here, narrated by a Tesla owner:

A new vehicle for a new generation

The list price of the Chevy Bolt is set at $37,495 or $29,995 after federal tax credit, making it significantly cheaper than any Tesla. Currently, the Bolt is for sale in Oregon and California, but it will be launched in all states in the following months.

The Chevrolet Bolt is carefully designed to be the company’s core in consumer-range electric vehicles. With this in mind, the Bolt will be able to travel 238 miles per charge with its 200 horsepower motor, keeping in mind that the average daily commute is about 40 miles per round trip, allowing drivers to go without plugging in for up to four days. The Bolt is also able to reach 60 mph in less than 7 seconds, putting it ahead of many similarly-sized gas-fueled vehicles.

Besides using a battery, the Bolt introduces several exciting features to make most of its fully-electric system. One of these functions would be its power regeneration functions. By pulling a paddle located on the steering wheel, the driver will be able to slow down the vehicle without using the brake system, allowing some of the extra energy be reconverted into electricity. Also, the accelerator pedal will have a dual functionality whenever the vehicle is in Low mode. Lifting the foot from the pedal will slow down the car, even getting it to stop completely. This will help save brake pads and electricity.

The Bolt has Drive and Low modes. The first allows using the standard features that the vehicle provides, while the latter initiates the regeneration systems, saving battery whenever the Bolt is expected to be driven by light-driving circumstances.

Chevy Bolt’s design and features

The gear shift stick has also been redesigned to feel smooth and fluid whenever it is used. The Bolt’s gear system was designed from the ground up with electricity in mind, which allowed implementing an automatic precision shift to change gears without that familiar clunky sensation. This allows for more space in the cockpit and reduced noise.

When it comes to recharging the battery, Chevrolet worked hard to make it no more complicated than charging a cell phone. The batteries are designed to withstand any amount of plugging in or off, making it so drivers can get used to plugging in the car whenever they arrive at their homes at night. The Bolt’s charging system will provide 90 miles of range for 30 minutes of charge time, meaning that charging the Bolt should never become an obstacle.

The purchase of a Chevy Bolt comes with a homebound charging station and ChargePoint, a card in the Bolt’s glove box that allows access to public charging stations. There’s also the ChargePoint app which allows drivers to find new stations and check availability, making it possible to reserve charge time before arriving.

Chevrolet also boasts having designed the Bolt, so it doesn’t look like a regular electric vehicle, picking clues from Tesla’s car design. The Bolt’s lines are bold and expressive, making it look like a car that can take a beating. Its rear seats are flexible, allowing the driver to carry large items, and if there is a need for more space, the cargo floor can be removed for more room.

The Bolt’s interior is designed for sitting five people comfortably, with ample space for legs, shoulders, and head. The console can be upgraded, so it features a wireless charging station, and the driver’s panel has a touch screen showing energy consumption rate, range estimation, and climate control. The car also features collision detection cameras, surround vision, and even lane departure warning, making the Chevy Bolt a car for a new generation of driving technology.

For the onboard console, passengers can choose music, split screens, navigate the internet, access contacts, enjoy Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and even use 4G LTE WiFi, ensuring unlimited sources of entertainment with its complimentary 3-month/3GB complimentary subscription. OnStar’s Turn-by-Turn technology provides onboard navigation.

As a complementary gadget, Chevrolet suggests installing the myChevrolet Mobile App, which allows remotely starting the vehicle, locking the doors, and even warm up the car as it is being charged.

Chevrolet assures that the Bolt can “do it all. Except stop for gas.”

Source: Chevrolet