People keep wondering what would happen if America faced a nuclear war against North Korea. Experts suggest not to worry because it’s highly “unlikely,” but after some confrontation between the US President, Donald Trump, and the Supreme Leader of the Asian country, Kim Jong-un, nobody can be sure of anything. That is why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is beginning to advise and prepare people for the worst.

To make it more concerning, this announcement comes a few days after the US President started talking on Twitter once more about nuclear war.

What we truly know, as far as today, is that none of the heads of both countries seem to want to employ a lower tone of voice if the other one doesn’t begin first. The two leaders have proven themselves as strong-worded men.

Previously, Donald Trump responded North-Korea’s “threats,” as he considered them, saying that he was going to act with “fire and fury .” Kim Jong-un, on the other hand, recently mentioned the nuclear button he was thinking to use if America didn’t take back – again – the “threats.”

During the annual New Year’s Day speech, North-Korea’s Supreme Leader said that he had a nuclear button on his desk and that the US was within the range of his weapons. In front of this, Trump responded the day after that he had a button too. But, according to him, this one was “bigger and more powerful.”.

Nuclear war between the US and North Korea, CDC gently prepares for a nuclear strike, Donald Trump, Supreme leader Kim Jong-un
US President Donald Trump once assured he was going to battle North Korea with “fire and fury.”

Although a large number of experts and analysts say that the estimations indicate nothing’s going to happen and that maybe we are just overthinking, there’s still uncertainty about everything. That’s why the CDC confirmed it was going to gently prepare American citizens by offering meetings and conferences to teach them about what to expect and what to do in the worst of the scenarios.

Unlikely, but still possible

The first session that the health agency is going to hold will be on January 16. In there, officials will teach about personal safety measures and the training of response teams “on a federal, state, and local level to prepare for nuclear detonation.” To make it more visual, the authorities are organizing presentations like “Preparing for the Unthinkable” and “Roadmap to Radiation Preparedness.”

These meetings are part of the CDC’s monthly Public Health Grand Rounds, where officials gather different kinds of experts and members of the public health community to talk about topics of public importance. They will be held at the CDC’s headquarters in Atlanta.

Although this might freak a lot of people out, it’s not the first time that US authorities offer information to the people about what would happen if the nation faced a nuclear war.

Nuclear war between the US and North Korea, CDC gently prepares for a nuclear strike, Donald Trump, Supreme leader Kim Jong-un
North-Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un said in his New Year’s speech he had a nuclear button on his desk. Image credit: Sick Chirpse

In August, when the rhetoric between Trump and the Supreme Leader started to become globally known, Guam’s Homeland Security and Office of Civil Defense introduced a two-page paper where it indicated people how to act in case of a nuclear strike.

In December, the people of Hawaii heard something they hadn’t since the end of the Cold War. These were the monthly warning siren system, which the officials started to prepare the citizens for a possible ongoing nuclear bomb.

Leaving behind what experts say about how “unlikely” the nuclear war between America and North-Korea is, it’s essential that people begin to be informed about the safety measures.

“The bottom line is, (this is) not new,” Susan K. Laird said. “The calendar is developed back in February or first part of March, and then the calendar is set up for the following season, which starts in December. This stuff is determined far in advance.”

What the people expect

If you are one of those people who feel uncomfortable when talking about this, but still wants to know how to protect yourself, we suggest you not to look – at least – to the picture of the mushroom-like cloud that the CDC used to accompany the information of the upcoming meetings.

Nuclear war between the US and North Korea, CDC gently prepares for a nuclear strike, Donald Trump, Supreme leader Kim Jong-un
A 1 megaton nuclear bomb can cover 100 square miles. But a 20 megaton nuclear war can cover up to 2500 square miles. Image credit: Business Insider

Despite this picture, the communications director for the Public Health Grand Rounds said these conference that the health agency was preparing to hold are not rare, at all, and that they have nothing to do with the tensions between America and North Korea.

“As part of its mission, CDC provides for the common defense of the country against all health threats,” Kathryn Harben, chief of news media at the CDC, said. “Planning for the Grand Rounds takes place regularly, and planning for this one began last April.”

According to a USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll performed in October, 56% of Americas disapproved President Donald Trump’s handling of North Korea. Meanwhile, a December poll from YouGov found that nearly a half of Americans believe that the US will use military forces against North Korea.

Source: CNN