Capcom posted on its blog they are currently working on a solution for quitters in Street Fighter V. The Street Fighter franchise is one of the most famous around the world and when Capcom announced an on – line rank mode, players from around the world rejoiced.

In an online rank mode, players participate in matches set by the matchmaking system. The matches are organized based on players’ skill. The win/loss ratio is one of the most important statistics, the more you win, the upper you are in the ladder. This system allows players to measure their abilities.

Image: Fighters Generation
Image: Fighters Generation

But in Street Fighter V there is a big problem, there aren’t any punishments for quitters. A quitter is a player that leaves an early match if he/she thinks it’s a sure loss. This creates a loophole since people avoid losing, maintaining their current position in the ladder.

In a post published on their blog, Capcom apologized for the shortcoming and announced they are working on a permanent solution to the problem. They made special emphasis on the worst offenders, stating that next week, they were going to take direct action to punish players who are abusing the system.

There are no details in the post on what kind of punishment they will use to discourage this behavior. But Street fighter V is far from being the only game plagued by quitters. Many famous games have already taken action to tackle the problem, from temporal delays to enter the queue up to permanent bans. In despite of this, thousands of people still disconnect from games and in some cases, they do it with the intention of ruining the gaming experience of other players. Rage-quitters are among the top 5 causes of extreme frustration on gamers.

Capcom is asking to its community for cooperation. They asked the players to record their matches and submit any of the videos that have proof of players intentionally quitting games. In fact, it was because of players’ complaints that Capcom realized how big the problem was. Hopefully, the situation will change next week, when the company starts attacking the problem.

Ever since online gaming was officially acknowledged as an online sport, thousands of gamers around the world have been making a living out of it. The industry has boomed and world tournaments give prizes of millions of dollars. However, making the competition fair and enjoyable for everybody is no easy task, but Capcom will work with its gaming community to find a solution for one of the problems.

Source: Capcom