Nowadays, countless people suffer from the problem of poor vision. This is due to various lifestyle changes that have increased over time. Out of all, the prolonged use of digital products is the most significant one. When everyone has their eyes stuck on a digital screen for most of the day, it is common for their eyes to go weak. The problem leaves them with no option other than wearing glasses or contacts. Though there are some surgical options too, people usually do not prefer them. And with websites like, it has become extremely convenient for them to buy contact lenses without a doctor’s prescription.

Can You Order Contacts Without a Prescription if You Can’t Leave The House?

Contacts Over Glass

Most people choose contact lenses over conventional glass lenses, because of various reasons like:

  • More Convenient: Glass lenses require a frame, and the combined weight of the frame and the glass itself can cause some discomfort.
    Once you’ve found contact lenses that work best for you, and this can be completed when you look for the best place to buy contact lenses online, you’ll realize just how effective it is to use these over spectacles and any initial issues with discomfort, which are frankly fairly rare, you’ll even forget you are wearing them at all.
  • Better Durability: Glass lenses and their frames are more prone to breakage as compared to contact lenses.
  • Better Vision: Contact lenses fit perfectly with the eyes of the wearer. So they do not limit their vision, unlike glass lenses, which have only a confined frame for looking through.
  • Fashionable: Contact lenses are available in various colors. People can choose different colors and make their eyes look more colorful.

Contact Lenses Without Prescription

If we move back a little in time, we will see people visiting eye doctors and waiting for a long time until their contacts were ready. In today’s era, where the internet has influenced everything, buying contact lenses has also become super convenient. People can order their lenses from and get them at home without the need of a prescription. Which means they do not have to waste their time in visiting an eye doctor, every time they want a new contact lens.

The prescription-less contact lenses are the most beneficial in times like this when people are not able to get out of their houses due to the coronavirus. Here are some of the benefits of buying these contact lenses:

  • Home Delivery: As everyone knows, it is not safe to go out nowadays. So people can get their contacts delivered at their doorstep without any hassle.
  • No Prescription: Many websites require the person to upload an updated prescription for ordering contact lenses, which is not possible in this lockdown situation. Without prescription lenses makes it convenient for people to get their contacts without visiting a doctor.
  • Various Options: Online platforms offer a better variety of contact lenses as compared to physical shops. So people can order their favorite contacts in no time.
  • Save Money: Online platforms offer better prices than physical shops. Also, the person will be saving their doctor’s fees as they do not require any prescription.


Just in case it is still not clear, then, YES! It is possible to order contact lenses online without any prescription. Getting contacts without the prescription not only saves the hassle of visiting the doctor but also provides benefits like home delivery and money-saving. So people can order contacts from the comfort of their home and get the best experience of buying it.