Uncharted’s developer Naughty Dog will release Patch 1.03 to fix several bugs, especially on multiplayer.

Players have seen the game crash several times and the rewards gained from multiplayer gameplay are not what they are expected to be; for instance, you could not see your Uncharted Points if you reached Entitlement Limits.

Several other display bugs were fixed. The medal description at the end of a match wasn’t right and players couldn’t see the leaderboards as they were in matchmaking.

Photo credit: Gamecupid
Uncharted’s developer Naughty Dog will release Patch 1.03 to fix several bugs, especially on multiplayer. Photo credit: Gamecupid

Less than a week after Uncharted 4’s release

The developers were quick to spot the bugs and upload the patch, as multiplayer gaming is usually teeming with errors were some may be even exploited to win games. Luckily, this was not the case, as several minor but still significant bugs were removed from the game.

According to the great majority of reviewers, even though the game was delayed several times, it proved to be a great addition to the series. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is also named by many the most stunning game of the year, thanks to its beautiful landscapes, pristine graphics, and action-packed gameplay. It is worth noting that the game has a Photo Mode, in which you can take pictures and save them for later.

Uncharted 4 also seems to pick up some mechanics from another critically-acclaimed title, The Last of Us. Both games allow the player to help characters by giving them a boost over ledges and walls by pressing the triangle button. There is a great deal of teamwork between characters, just like in The Last of Us, and even the way you interact with items is similar in both games.

But that is not something to criticize, as most games are influenced by other games; it even gets to a level where one game’s mechanic is mimicked by every subsequent game of the same genre, as it was with the Call Of Duty style of first person shooting: a fast-paced environment where you click your left joystick to run and you must aim down your weapon’s sights to accurately hit the enemy.

The best thing Uncharted 4 could have taken from The Last of Us is not a game mechanic, but rather a deep focus in the story. Naughty Dog is recognized as a developer who puts a great deal of effort into developing its video game characters. Then, they submerge them in vast, gorgeous landscapes and thus a fantastic game is created.

Source: Naughty Dog