Brisbane, Australia – Four months ago, Buddy, a 7-year-old dog, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Emily Mochan, his owner, decided to help him draft a Bucket List to live life the fullest before inevitably passing away.

Doctors initially thought that Buddy wouldn’t be able to live past March’s first half, but he managed to pull through several additional weeks in which he was able to fill many people’s hearts with hope and warm feelings; he lived through his birthday, March 7th, and he celebrated big time by having a ride in a limo.

Four months ago, Buddy, a 7-year-old dog, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Photo credit: Buddy's Bucket List /Facebook /ABC7
Four months ago, Buddy, a 7-year-old dog, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Photo credit: Buddy’s Bucket List /Facebook /ABC7

Things got awry when Emily discovered a lump on the side of Buddy’s neck. She took him to the veterinary but it was discarded as a mere inflammation. But Emily saw how Buddy seemed to look worse with each passing day. They went to a different veterinary who passed them onto a specialist. It turned out to be T-Cell lymphoma, a very difficult and aggressive type of cancer.

A dog’s Bucket List

The Bucket List idea came up to Emily in an effort to help her and Buddy deal with his terminal disease. The list contained picturesque dog feats, such as sitting in a police car, going to the beach and painting a masterpiece with its paws.

There were many delicious feats, such as dining on a gourmet burger or eating a full string of sausages; as there were “#21. Get a Special Mention on the Local Paper” and “#29. Be Published in a Book.” But Buddy couldn’t complete the last item on his list, which read “helping animals in need”.

When the Bucket List was drafted and Buddy’s endeavors were published on Facebook, Emily created a GoFundMe page to gather and donate funds to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, to help animals in need. After Buddy’s passing, the GoFundMe campaign was able to gather over two thousand dollars in one month, as it was published on February 25th. The campaign came to a close with Buddy’s passing and Emily donated his toys to Brisbane’s animal shelters, but you can still visit Buddy’s Facebook and GoFundMe to relive the heartwarming story.

If anyone wishes to donate towards Buddy’s last item of his Bucket List, Emily has requested that any future donation should be done directly to the RSPCA.

Buddy managed to gather a following of 13,000 people. On Thursday, March 31st, Buddy was peacefully laid to rest after his 9th week after diagnosis.

“I like to think that he held on so much longer because he was having way too much fun to give up on us so easily,” Emily said on the matter.

Source: Fox News