Soylent launched on Tuesday a new meal-replacement drink called Coffeist. The new product aims to substitute a complete delicious breakfast, while maintaining its nutrition benefits.

The company uses the adjectives “delicious, nutritional and practical: to sell its products. Its latest innovation wants to explore the frontiers of one of the most important meals of the day: breakfast. Soylent has combined the 2.0 formula with caffeine, to offer a more convenient breakfast option for those who get up late.

Soylent Coffiest
Soylent says its drinks can replace any meal. Image credit: Soylent.

Less cooking, more ‘Coffeist’

Soylent argues that cooking a complete meal is difficult and consumes time. The brand offers affordable, healthy, convenient food to replace long hours in the kitchen that could result frustrating.

The California-based company produces meals available in both liquid and powdered forms. The products contain proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and micronutrients the body needs to complete its functions successfully.

Soylent Coffiest
‘Coffeist’ combines Soylent 2.0 with caffeine. Image credit: Soylent.

Soylent’s latest product, Coffeist, combines Soylent’s 2.0 properties and 150mg of caffeine to make a special breakfast mix. Caffeine has become a crucial ingredient for those who want to go from inactive to active in the mornings.

Coffeist also has 75mg of L-theanine, a green-tea active ingredient that reduces the twitchiness associated with coffee and boosts cognitive performance. The component has been added to promote relaxation without drowsiness.

Previous investigations have proved that L-theanine can help decrease anxiety, high blood pressure, and psychological stress. Soylent has nailed it with Coffeist, by creating not only a product to replace breakfast’s nutrients, but also a drink to provide extra benefits for consumers’ health.

It seems that Coffeist will give people extra minutes during breakfast time. With a bottle of it, there will be no need to make bacon, eggs, bread and juice. 12 bottles of the drink are available for $40. The success of Soylent’s new product would depend on its target audience. Coffeist is currently available to subscribers in the U.S. and Canada.

Soylent’s origins

Two years ago, the 25-year-old software engineer Rob Rhinehart, had the idea of compressing meals into bottles. The products were initially designed for software engineers who spent several hours working on the computer without eating properly.

Soylent bottles quickly became popular among time-crunched workers and people who wanted to eat healthy without spending too much time making their meals. Considering its sell success, the company has developed other products besides Soylent one.

Soylent Coffiest 2
Soylent has also presented Soylent bar, a new kind of product for the company. Image credit: Soylent.

Coffeist has been presented alongside Soylent Bar, which contains the same nutrients of a Soylent drink in a lighter, more portable form factor. Soylent Bar is not available for sale yet. Maybe Soylent is testing ground for Coffeist before  publicly releasing a new product.

Although there are consumers who are not totally interested in meal-replacement shakes, there are others who have already tasted Soylent’s products and are waiting to get some variety in their food habits.

Source: Soylent Blog