The United States – Brazil and Haiti faced each other at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando with a result of 7 – 1 favoring “La Canharina”, in a Copa America match. Brazil’s eleven was involved in a similar situation two years ago at the FIFA World Cup, but this time, they are on the winning side of the score table.

This selection is famous worldwide for its colorful play-style, and soccer fans had the chance to see some of it. The Haitians were eliminated, but they managed to make at least a goal against one of the strongest selections in the continent.

Brazil opened the tournament with an uninspiring scoreless draw against Ecuador. As was the case in the Copa America in Chile 12 months ago. Credit: bettingtips4you

It is a party, a goal party!

Since the beginning of the game, Dunga’s selection proved superior on the field. They did not give much of an offensive chance to Patrice Neveu’s eleven which played most of the game in its half. The man of the match, Philippe Coutinho, opened the count with a powerful low-left shot that led the ball deep into the net at minute 14, and 15 minutes later, he made the best out of a Jonas pass, and in a less spectacular play, gave his team the 2 – 0.

The third one came out of Renato Augusto’s head with the assistance of Barcelona’s right back, Dani Alves. By the end of the first half, the score was 3 – 0 and, everybody in the stadium knew what happens when La Canarinha gets momentum.Everything was going according to Dunga’s plan and Gabriel, who was playing the third professional game in his career, joined the party with a goal at minute 59.

Dani Alves let clear why he is a permanent pick in the Barcelona. At minute 67, he made another surgical pass, and this time, it was substitute Lucas Lima, Los Santos midfielder, who executed a perfect header to increase the score 5 to 0. However, the Haitians were not going to go home without making a dent on the super selection.

Showing their excellent team coordination the Haitian offensive approached and shot from the right side, even though the goalkeeper managed to stop that; James Marcellin was perfectly placed to catch the rebound giving the fans of Haiti a reason to cheer. But Renato Augusto swiftly took revenge at minute 86, he intercepted a pass in Haiti’s half of the field and rushed to pierce Placide’s arch for the second time. The 7 – 0 was brought the man of the match. In an excellent display of skill, he pulled out a “hat trick” on Placide to sum his third goal on his third attempt of the match.

The result leaves Haiti out of the equation and gives Brazilian fans something to look forward to. Brazil’s selection came out from a draw to 0 against Bolivia, but just as the United States did, they used their second match to gain much-needed momentum. La Canarinha is looking for a historic win at the Copa América Centenario, which could help their fan base to wash out the last World Cup taste of the mouth.

Source: Copa America 2016